The 8 Best Invisible Dog Fences in 2022 – (From In-Ground to Wireless)


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If you are a genuine dog owner, you ought to be acquainted with the dread of losing your dogs. Have you at any point found out about the invisible dog fences? I bet you have. If not, you would not have come to read this article. The wireless dog fence system is a significant investment, and I get it. We made a definitive guide on buying the best invisible dog fence for yourself and your dog to make your life easy. Virtual dog fences are genuinely innovative and famous in 2022, so we chose to assemble the rundown of the best invisible and wireless dog fences.

 An invisible dog fence is a compassionate way of giving your pet a definite thought of their limits without having to rope them in the traditional design. Invisible, according to an owner’s point of view, this class of pet containment systems permits your dog to go around within your limits without being attached to a chain. Let’s survey a portion of the top wireless dog fences and find an ideal choice for your puppy and yard.

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Do Invisible Dog Fences Work?

Do Invisible Dog Fences Work

Since quite a while ago, social researchers have determined that a tamed dog’s conduct is by and large impacted by internal or outside improvement. If we condition the dog enough to know the contrast between an outer activity that outcomes in slight pain or bothering, they will rapidly learn and adjust this conduct, making it doubtful for them to meander outside of their assigned invisible fence region.

 In any case, invisible and wireless dog fences are not sorcery pills you provide for your dogs, and anticipate that they should be 100% capable of it. Various training and penetrates are involved, mainly when using the wireless invisible fence for giant dogs.

 Owning and maintaining an invisible and wireless dog fence implies that there will be practices for the owners and the actual dogs before it all works out in a good way.

Upsides And Downsides Of Invisible Dog Fences

Upsides And Downsides Of Invisible Dog Fences

Here are some benefits of using the best invisible dog fence for large dogs rather than actual fencing.

 Reasonable – While pricing fluctuates, invisible electric fences are less expensive than actual ones.

 Invisibility – With the vast majority of them, no one will realize that the fence is even installed.

 Usability – They’re straightforward and fast to install, and advantageous to utilize.

 Dependability – Not at all like with an actual wall. Dogs can’t burrow under electrical fencing.

 Changes – They work on any surface and terrain, including over water.

 Home security – Hoodlums don’t care for seeing a dog in an open yard instead of behind a fence.

 What’s more, here are some of the weaknesses that you might look at with such containment systems.

 Distress – Most dogs will not go too far after a signal; however, others might get an electrical shock.

 Training – To forestall superfluous shock for the dog, training is required.

 Disappointment – A few dogs will be irritated when seeing interruptions past their limit.

 Lack of quality – There’s a possibility the battery will kick the bucket, rendering the invisible pet fence pointless.

 Likewise, there are a couple of kinds of invisible fencing, and we’ll examine this later in the article. We’ve similarly tried and checked on various brands to find the best invisible dog fence, including these main five beneath.

Fence Types: Wireless Versus In-Ground Versus Traditional

Fence Types: Wireless Versus In-Ground Versus Traditional


A traditional dog fence is actually what you imagine a typical kind of fence that you put up to contain your dog.

 The issue with traditional dog fences is they are pricey (typical of $3,000 to $6000 per home), set aside a look effort to install, and after all of this, many dogs slick people find a way of getting out.

 The genuine inquiry is the thing that’s the contrast between a wireless dog fence and an in-ground canine fence (the two of which are viewed as invisible dog fences, however, with various arrangements), how much each one costs,s and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

 Here is a brief on the two of them.

There Are Two Sorts Of Electric Dog Fences: Wireless And Underground

Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Wireless dog fences use PC GPS or radio transmissions to determine yard edge and to speak with corresponding dog collars. They guarantee the dog isn’t traveling outside of the pre-determined limits.

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[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#22d517″]

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  • No wires, no digging, no confounded installation
  • Units are frequently convenient
  • The limit lines can be changed according to your requirements and arent super durable



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#d23024″]

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  • Sometimes, limits might change to a small degree
  • A few units are impacted by signals/radio gathering




Wired Underground Dog Fence

With wired invisible dog fences, a string of wire is delved into the border of your yard. The main transmitter unit associates with the actual wire edge, which then, at that point, conveys limited information with the dog’s collar. These fences are considered the best invisible dog fence for small dogs.

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[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#22d517″]

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  • Edge can be totally tweaked for your yard
  • Underground borders won’t change



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#d23024″]

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  • Complex installation that possibly requires an expert
  • A way should be burrowed around your yard
  • The unit isn’t compact
  • Wire breaks can be frustrating to fix




Best Invisible Dog Fence You Can Buy

Top pick

Pet Control Wireless Electric Dog Fence

  • Waterproof And Rechargeable
  • Custom Perimeter Fence Wire For Any Yard

Best Value

PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence

  • Waterproof and Submersible
  • Secure A 1/3 Acre Yard

Worthy For Money

COVONO Electric Dog Fence

  • Waterproof And Rechargeable
  • Custom Perimeter Fence Wire For Any Yard

1. Petsafe In-Ground Dog Fence

You can surround your dog to a 1/3-section of a land yard with a PetSafe in-ground canine fence. This framework gives you 500 feet of wire and can contain up to five sections of land with extra wire. The wire can be introduced around the border of your yard.

 The included restraint is waterproof and lightweight enough to fit canines gauging 8 pounds or more. The battery-worked collar accompanies the replaceable PetSafe RFA-67 battery previously introduced and a low-battery pointer.

 The collar offers a sound mode and a static setting with four movable levels. The overcorrection includes naturally stopping the static adjustment if your canine stays in the limit zone for more than 30 seconds. This fence framework permits you to contain a limitless number of puppies with the acquisition of other chokers.

 The primary grumblings about this fence framework identify with sturdiness. For example, the snap on the collar might break, and the wire may not climate well. Likewise, there’s no flood or lightning security included.


  • Conceals to 1/3-section of land yard
  • The collar is waterproof and lightweight
  • Battery remembered for collar
  • Offers tone mode
  • Four static level settings
  • Overcorrection highlight with programmed shutoff
  • Potential to contain a limitless number of canines


  • Snap-on collar might break
  • The wire might need sturdiness
  • No flood/lightning security include
  • Time and work to introduce
  • Requires additional buy to extend control region
  • Additional collars sold independently
  • The battery should be supplanted

2. Pet Control HQ Wireless Electric Dog Fence

You’ll get two different ways to limit your dogs with the Pet Control remote electrified barrier. The 492 feet of substantial 20-measure wire is adequately solid to be introduced over the ground or underground. The included remote gives you one more convenient and flexible choice for preparing your dog. This framework offers a flood defender and a test light marker.

The collar contains a waterproof recipient controlled by a battery-powered battery, and the battery life midpoints a couple of days. The choker is lightweight and changes with most size canines. Different canines can be prepared with the acquisition of extra restraints. The remote permits you to schedule up to three dogs. There are 10 degrees of one or the other vibration or shock; however, no sound-just vibration.

You can change the length of the contact tests between a more modest and bigger size, contingent upon your canine’s coat length. We observed that the collars might need toughness. Likewise, a few puppies supported skin wounds after use.


  • Conceals to 1/3-section of land yard
  • Accompanies remote and limit wire
  • 492 feet of uncompromising 20-measure wire
  • Flood defender
  • Test light marker
  • Battery-powered battery
  • Lightweight choker fits most canines
  • Waterproof collector
  • Ready to remote train up to three canines
  • 10 degrees of vibration or shock
  • Programmed moderate remedies include
  • Flexible test length


  • Snap-on collar might break
  • No tone-just setting
  • Collar needs strength
  • A few canines supported skin wounds

3. COVONO Electric Dog Fence

If you’re searching for an excellent imperceptible fence, consider the COVONO electric dog fence. The all-new 650 feet of wire can contain up to a section of land. In addition, this framework is equipped for being extended with the acquisition of extra fence packs.

The movable choker suits most canines with more than 10 pounds and is as extensive as 120 pounds. You might need to ensure the collar doesn’t slacken, rendering it inadequate. The collar and the collector are waterproof and utilize a battery-powered battery. The battery life endures genuinely well.

In contrast to other more costly items on our rundown, the recipient on the collar doesn’t have various degrees of shock or different modes like vibration or tone. Instead, it has a speed recognition highlight, which expands the shock concerning the pace of your canine progressing toward the fence.

While you will set aside cash, you might be agreeing to bring down the quality development of the wire, which may not be sufficiently sturdy to permit the fence to work.


  • Reasonable
  • 650 feet of wire for a section of land inclusion
  • Fit for extended inclusion with extra buy
  • Customizable restraint fits most canines
  • Waterproof collar and recipient
  • Battery-powered battery
  • Speed recognition highlight


  • Single shock level with no different modes
  • Not appropriate for canines more than 120 pounds
  • Collar extricates
  • The wire isn’t sturdy, affecting the execution

4. Petsafe Stay And Play Wireless Fence Best Overall

We chose PetSafe Stay and Played as the best by and sizeable remote fence. With supportive elements and no wire to introduce, you’ll have the option to handily give a compelling limit regardless of whether you own an obstinate canine.

In the wake of empowering the indoor transmitter, this remote fence offers a roundabout scope of up to 3/4 section of land of inclusion. It takes somewhere around an hour to two hours to completely set up. The whole framework is versatile for any area with a power plug. Remember that metal items and lopsided surfaces might hinder the sign, causing skewed or inadequate inclusion.

The included restraint can fit 5 pounds and heavier canines, with neck sizes between 6 to 28 inches. In addition, the control gives one tone mode and five degrees of customizable static to address the difficulty of a still up in the air to run off.

PetSafe accompanies little banners to assist you with separating the boundary for preparing purposes. If your canine gets through the limit, which some overflowing canines will do, the without static reemergence includes doesn’t radiate a remedial shock, which is helpful for legitimate preparation. Additionally, numerous canines can be contained under one fence framework by buying extra restraints.


  • Simple and speedy to set up
  • Versatile (needs a power plug)
  • Restraint fits most canine sizes
  • One tone mode
  • Five customizable static levels
  • Without static reemergence include
  • Ideal for obstinate canines
  • Line banners included
  • Ready to contain various canines


  • A few canines actually break limit
  • Extra or substitution collars bought independently

5. SportDOG In-Ground Fence Systems – Premium Choice

Our exceptional decision goes to SportDOG in-ground fence frameworks. Albeit more costly than the comparable imperceptible wall on our rundown, SportDog accompanies the ability to cover 1-1/3 sections of land. With the additional acquisition of more wire, you can stretch out inclusion up to an astonishing 100 areas of land.

The SportDOG fence framework contains a battery-powered, waterproof beneficiary and collar, just as a remote. The collar offers three modes: tone, vibration, and seven degrees of static. You can set the choker to react to the fence, the remote, or both as you train your canine. Independently bought extra restraints permit you to prepare up to three canines. Unfortunately, the battery pack on the choker is pretty huge and might be awkward for medium to more modest canines. Likewise, the collar might glitch or refuse to work in static mode.

Introducing the wire in the ground over a considerable distance might require a few days. Additionally, you’ll need to keep up with the space around the wire. The accommodating transmitter includes alarms you in case of a wire break. In addition, it has an implicit lightning defender.


  • Covers 1-1/3 sections of land
  • Extra buy permits up to 100 sections of land of inclusion
  • Battery-powered, waterproof collar
  • Three modes: tone, vibration, and static
  • Seen levels of static
  • Remote included with buy
  • Collar reacts to the remote, fence, or both
  • Fit for preparing up to three canines
  • Transmitter include
  • Underlying lightning defender


  • Costly
  • Takes time and work to introduce and keep up with
  • Collar might glitch
  • The battery pack on the collar might be excessively enormous
  • Requires extra buys for additional collars and fence development

6. Extreme Electric Dog Fence System

The standard grade unit from Extreme Dog Fence gives 500 feet of hardcore 20-check wire to make a 1/3-section of the land regulation region. With the acquisition of extra units, you can expand your inclusion up to 6 sections of land. Likewise, you’ll get a computerized transmitter, preparing banners, join packs, and a collar with one replaceable 6-volt recipient battery.

The collar with the joined collector is lightweight and incredibly waterproof, with the capacity to be lowered to 10 feet. It has one sound mode and a static mode with seven rectification levels. The acquisition of additional restraints permits you to have extra canines on this framework.

Two arrangements of various size prongs inside the restraint permit you to adapt to your dog’s size and coat length. A bunch of elastic solace covers ensures your dog’s neck. Lamentably, a few canines have skin wounds after wearing this choker.

Accommodating highlights comprise recurrence encoding to forestall obstruction issues, temp check and wire check to alarm you if the fence isn’t working appropriately, and 12x battery check to screen the battery charge. Nonetheless, we observed that the battery life is short and that there’s no flood defender.


  • Solid, substantial 20-measure wire
  • 1/3 section of the land control region
  • Pack contains every vital stock
  • 6-volt battery included
  • Lightweight, amazingly waterproof collar
  • Extra puppies can be included on the framework with additional restraint buy
  • Offers two arrangements of various size prongs
  • Elastic solace cover on prongs
  • Supportive elements for more powerful execution


  • More costly than comparative in-ground wall
  • Short battery life
  • The battery should be supplanted
  • Prongs on the collar might cause injury
  • No flood defender

7. Free Spirit FS-FENCE In-Ground Dog Fence

The Free Spirit in-ground fence pack permits you to contain one canine in a 1/3-section of the land region. You can purchase extra bags to stretch out the space-dependent one section of land.

The waterproof choker acclimates to fit a broad scope of canines from 5 pounds and higher, with neck sizes between 6 and 26 inches. Likewise, the beneficiary on the collar utilizes a battery-powered battery, which keeps going a seriously long time and just requires a few hours to re-energize.

You can pick between three modes: tone, vibration, and shock with five amendment levels. The restraint expansions in the notice as your canine advances the fence. It starts with a manner trailed by vibrations and, in the long run, shock revision if your canine endeavors excessively close. We discovered that you’d need to eliminate the restraint when your canine returns inside to try not to be pointlessly stunned.

Albeit this in-ground fence has a reasonable value, it doesn’t offer a lot of inclusion space to make it a decent worth. Additionally, the wire isn’t worked with challenging material, and a flood defender is excluded from the pack.


  • Reasonable
  • 1/3-section of land inclusion with potential for extension
  • Waterproof collar and recipient
  • Customizable restraint fits the wide scope of canine sizes
  • Battery-powered battery with long life and speedy re-energizing
  • Three modes: tone, vibration, shock
  • Five shock revision levels
  • Cautioning is highlighted when canine approaches the fence


  • Not a decent worth
  • Canine might be superfluously stunned
  • The wire isn’t tough
  • No flood defender

How To Train Your Dog With An Invisible Fence

How To Train Your Dog With An Invisible Fence

STEP 1: just set your invisible fence radio restraint to signal just with the goal that primarily a signal is given to the dog when they approach the invisible fence line and no restorative improvement.

 STEP 2: Take your dog on a stroll with a leash and a different non-metal restraint, inside, however close to the edge of the invisible fence line.

 STEP 3: When the choker signals your dog with a sound signal that he is excessively near the limit, right your dog by moving him away from the invisible fence line. Give treats as compensation for getting away from the fence line when signaled.

 STEP 4: Once your dog knows about the signal and has figured out how to get away from the invisible fence line, turn on the most reduced degree of static remedy.

 STEP 5: Continue to stroll around the border of the fence line. If your dog overlooks the sound signal and goes past the limit, he will get a gentle remedial upgrade.

 STEP 6: Provide interruptions, for example, another dog or something your dog will be inspired to float towards on the opposite side of the fence.

 STEP 7: If your dog gets across the invisible fence line, he will get a refreshing boost. If he disregards the amendment, you might have to increase the volume of the remedial improvement as fundamental until your dog reacts by remaining inside the limit, notwithstanding interruptions. Prize your dog for withdrawing when signaled.

 STEP 8: Move to off-leash preparing. Proceed with oversight. When your dog withdraws from the fence in light of the perceptible signal, give him a treat. He will get restorative incitement when he moves toward the fence line too intently. Make acclimations to stimulation fundamental.

How Does A Sport Dog Invisible Fence Installation Work?

How Does A Sport Dog Invisible Fence Installation Work

Invisible dog fences have wires covered inside the put-down limit, like grass or yard, yet they can likewise be wireless. A transmitter emanates a radio transmission that moves all through the underground wire.

 The other essential part is the receiver attached to the dog’s collar. It recognizes the radio transmission that would go along the covered wire. When the dog with the receiver collar moves toward the underground wire, it will initially hear a warning sound that no one but it can listen to. If it continues to stroll through the wire, the receiver will supply vibrations or little electric shocks called static rectification, which advise your dog to return.

 The static amendment is a gentle, innocuous electric upgrade that gets the dog’s thoughtfulness regarding the return. The best thing about these products is that their shocks are harmless. Presently clearly, your dog would need to train for that.

 During training, dogs are instructed to stop when they get a warning sound. How would they know where the limit line is? There are exceptional strategies to introduce that to your pet.

What To Look For When Buying The Invisible Dog Fences

What To Look For When Buying The Invisible Dog Fences

Since you see how they work, you should take a gander at a few significant elements before buying an invisible dog fence.

The Amount Area Does It Cover?

Transmitters come in various reaches, and some have a scope of only one acre; others might be incredible to involve around 25 acres or more. So make sure to initially ascertain the region wherein you need your dog to remain. This question is critical if you have a garden and look for an invisible fence to keep the dog out of the garden.

How Big Is The Receiver Collar And How Much Does It Weight?

The receiver collar is one of the main things to consider before buying an invisible dog system. Assuming you need your dog to be agreeable while wearing the collar, you want to realize that it will fit around its neck.

Underneath, we recorded significant inquiries regarding the collar to consider:

  • Is it waterproof?
  • Does it have a well-being break?
  • Is it tough?
  • Are batteries battery-powered or traditional?
  • Does it have a low battery warning?
  • Are different collars viable with this system?
  • How Reliable Is It?

Attempt to comprehend the contrast between in-ground systems and wireless systems. The in-ground systems are generally more solid than wireless systems for more extensive regions like terrains or fields. Be that as it may, the wireless systems turn out better for most modest areas like yards or yards.

Would I Be Able To Have Multiple Dogs On The Same System?

Most systems permit a limitless number of dogs as long as they have their collars. You likewise should be guaranteed that your system has viable collars for all sizes of dogs. Dogs have various characters, so it’s prescribed to tailor the static revision level on each collar according to the requirements of each dog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the shock given by an electric fence hurt my creature?

The best electric fences give a shock that hinders undesirable conduct yet isn’t difficult. The surprise is intended to aggravate, yet it should never cause injury or torment. A few consumers view the utilization of an electric fence as an ethical problem. And there are certainly some terrible quality items that accomplish more mischief than anything.

I’m keen on an electric fence for my dog; however, I need to utilize a minimal measure of shock conceivable. Any counsel?

Most importantly, decide on a quality-made fence with a dependable shocking framework. Modest undetectable fences have been known to convey an excessive amount of shock or even shock on some unacceptable occasions.
Second, explore choices that let you redo the measure of shock your dog will get. For instance, the SportDOG in our item list offers four levels of wonder, and the PetSafe Wireless offers five levels.

Final Thoughts

The PetSafe PIF00-13663 Stay and Play Wireless Fence is our top pick as the best electric dog fence by and large. This undetectable fence requires just a little while to finish the simple setup. And, not at all like in-ground frameworks, it’s versatile to go on with you on outings with admittance to an electrical outlet. With a collar that fits most dogs, the beneficiary has a tone mode and five static levels making it ideal for difficult dogs. Additionally, this fence framework can contain various dogs by acquiring additional collars.

We chose Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence as the best underground dog fence for the worth. You’ll get 500 feet of exceptionally sturdy 20-measure strong copper wire at a tremendous cost that can expand up to 20 sections of land with extra buys. The wire can be introduced in or over the ground and has flood assurance. The waterproof and weatherproof collar has a dependable battery-powered battery, three-mode decisions, seven remedy settings, and auto-train highlights. This fence framework is viable with independently bought collars and a far-off gadget.

Hopefully, our careful reviews, valuable pros and cons records, and helpful buyer’s guide have assisted you with observing the best wireless dog fence for your yard or colossal property. Permitting your dog to run free inside safe limits can be a festive occasion for you and your dog. With the right undetectable and wireless fence, it may be feasible to open your entryway and let your dog wander without stress.

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