How To Make A Dog Bow Tie ( 9 Easy Steps to follow)

How to make Dog Bow Tie

Bow ties are the symbol of dashing doggie fashion or style. Utilizing leftover fabrics and basic sewing skills, you can quickly make your perfect bow tie for the dog in your life. To make a fantastic tie for your pup, you can use this bow tie tutorial for dogs, utilizing much fewer fabrics only, so it’s beautiful for all those trim materials left over for other sewing projects. This article will give you a complete guide on making a dog Bow Tie.

This tutorial I am teaching you today is fantastic because this is simple and easy to follow step by step.

How to make Dog Bow Tie

The formation of the dog bow tie is done in multiple ways or by using different types of fabrics and other fancy materials. In this article, you will find the simplest form of making the bow tie for your pet. The following necessary materials and steps are listed below.


  • Cotton fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric Scissor
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Elastic
  • Spray starch
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Sewing needles


Steps to make the bow tie

  1. Cut the Fabrics:

Initially, cut the Fabric into a rectangular shape for the bow tie. Depending on the dog’s height, the Fabric measurements would need to differ. By its width, you will end up folding the rectangle, so the final width of the bow tie will be roughly half the size of this original rectangle

  • Print out a 4-inch by 9-inch rectangle for tiny size dogs.
  • Trimmed out a 6-inch by 11-inch rectangle for normal dogs.
  • Slice out the 8-inch by 14-inch rectangle for large and extra-large dogs.
  1. Fold the materials long ways:

Mainly with the right-hand side facing in and facing each other, fold the bow body fabric in half lengthwise. Press the folded edge flat using an iron.

Notice that throughout the stage, the size of the body should be halved, but the length should not be changed.

To improve and maintain the shape as you stitch, you may pin the open edges together if required. However, this might not be appropriate if the folded edge is pressed firmly.

  1. Stitch the Fabric:

In the third, you have to shape lengthwise bow body fabric according to folded positions by iron after sewing it by sewing machine or set with pins.

  1. Sew down the short ways fold:

You have to fold the Fabric again into halves and sew it with a sewing machine or pins. After that, press it with iron. Leave the other short edges open.

To reduce the size, trim the ends and cut the straight edge back to1⁄8″ (3mm).

  1. Fold and stick the pin in the center:

To take a rough idea of the dog bow tie, use pins and give irregular bow tie shapes. If it is the perfect match on both sides and four corners, it must proceed further to create the bow.

Keep in mind your designs align, and when you pin the Fabric together, they’re heading in the same direction.

  1. Create the bow tie center:

Wrap in the rectangle’s ends and press. Cover the sheet in half around the small center and seal the hole by sewing it. It would help to stitch this too to make the other end (the fold) look the same. To form the bow tie design, assemble the Fabric in the core. Then, when you stitch a stay-stitch by hand through the center, your bow tie will appear in a decent position.

  1. Make the bow tie loop:

Evaluate your dog’s neck to see how wide the loop needs to be; in addition to putting it on the collar-make sure that perhaps the most significant section of the collar is marked, usually the loop.

Stretch and press about .5cm along both sidewalls of the narrower rectangle. Adjust the middle length in half to tie these 2 foldings combined as the press. Stitch elongated. Stretch it over the skinny side in quarters and stitch across the equal angles, forming a belt only a little longer than your neck measurement. Turn it over so that the inside of the loop is the edge.

  1. Placed bow tie together:

This step slides down the bow’s middle loop over the band’s edge. Slip right the bow down the bar until the central point of the band is resting.

Preferably, for all the bow ties to slip over the band without trouble, there should be adequate room between the center loop and the bow body. However, when there’s not enough room, you may use rope or elastic to tie the dog bow tie onto the piece.

  1. Put the bow tie on your dog’s neck:

Roll the assembled bow tie collar across your dog’s collar but use the straps to tighten it in position. Once again, test the situation to ensure it’s not too tight, then step back and appreciate your success.

Which Fabric use for the dog bow tie

Think more about design if you decide to choose a textured fabric. Would it have been wasted on something tiny like that a bow tie? You would not be eligible to see what it is if it is a massive print. Select a plain fabric or a little print pattern to prevent this. For bow ties, graphical or vague routines function pretty well. A denser material will maintain its texture wonderfully, and you won’t need to add any design to tighten it-perfect this is for maximum versatility.

Some Helping Tips:

  • Try adding the bow tie to a store-bought collar to save time and resources rather than designing your band.
  • It would help if you tried to pick a collar that suits the bow tie’s collar design.
  • When the loop turns too short of moving over the collar buckle, only attempt to put the loop forward without the bow inside it, so put the bow in a spot until it passes through the buckle.

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In this article, you have learned the simple and easy way of making the bow tie for your dog. This is the easiest which many people use, and with small-time, they make the finest bow tie for their pet.

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