How to stop a dog from pulling on a leash( Complete guide)

How to stop a dog from pulling on a leash

Your dog has leash aggression, and you are upset about it. Don’t worry, and it is not only with you; every pet owner faces the same problem once or twice in life. First, you need to train your dog, and you will enjoy walking with your furry buddy. The key to stopping a dog from pulling on a leash is consistent training and often rewards for a few months.

Keep reading this article. We have explained some instructions to train your dog to stop pulling on a leash. You will love knowing and enjoy walking with them in the afternoon.

Not all methods work for every dog, but ordinary and expert training methods will make it easy to train your canine comfortably.

How to stop a dog from pulling on a leash:

Follow a homogeneous walking method:

The most important thing you must keep in mind before starting training is to teach your dog to move in one direction. Either on the left side or right side or some steps back. Then, pick a one walking method and stick to it and walk in the same way consistently. This will help you train them smoothly.

Start with an unknown path:

Once you start their training, begin with the unknown path they are not used to and a less crowded place. Teach them to walk nicely in an unfamiliar position. This will prove quite effective for you. If you start training in a crowded place, the chances of failure will be more as your canine will get more distractions.

Use a different collar:

Training your dog is to replace your canine’s collar with a front clip harness collar. Once you switch to a front clip harness collar, your canine will associate it with a loose leash. Police also use this method; they use the type of collar according to the task they are going to do.

Treat your dog:

During training, when trying to teach your canine to walk nicely when he tries to pull the leash, stop and stand still, then reward him with a treat. Reward it with his favorite treats and motivate him to move with a loose leash. The other way to treat them during training is to step back and let them follow you, and when he approaches you to reward them with some treat, this will develop a follow me habit.

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How can I start training?

Your dog is habitual of pulling, then start with two simple methods.

Your canines pull a leash, then stop walking and stand still until your canine stops.

Secondly, if your dog starts pulling, turn and move in the opposite direction.


Dogs can be trained, and you can enjoy walking with them. What is more beautiful than walking with your lovely canine? All you need to do is teach them with consistency and rewards. Reward them often during training. This will help them understand what we are looking for in them. Above, we have mentioned all the best ways to work on and stop your dog from pulling on a leash.

Let us know your school of thought in the comment section below it will be highly appreciated.


Enjoy walking with your buddy!

Dr. Louise Cosgrove

Dr. Louise Cosgrove

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