How to trick your dog into drinking water( Useful Tips)

How to trick your dog into drinking water

Sometimes dogs do not drink the water due to some reason. Here is a complete guide about how to trick your dog into drinking water. As humans feel dehydration when they don’t drink plenty of water, the dogs feel the same. Unfortunately, dogs are animals, and they can’t tell us that their body needs water now. So we have to hydrate them every time so that our lovely pet doesn’t get into any dehydration problems.

Your dog also doesn’t drink plenty of water in a day but instead focuses on eating? Here in this article, we will give you some tricks that trick your dog into drinking more water to remain hydrated.

It is widespread in dogs that they don’t drink much water, but sometimes acute illnesses can diminish their usual thirst too.

How to trick your dog into drinking water

Following are some tricks you can use on your dog to trick them into drinking water.

You cannot force your dog to drink water. Instead, you have to adopt a suitable trick for your dog.

Flavoring the dog’s water:

Flavoring the dog’s water is an option to adopt if you don’t drink regular water. This flavored water might be an exciting thing for the dog to taste.

  • Chicken stock; The parents who know that their dogs don’t like the regular drinking water use chicken stock in the water bowl. They add a cube of chicken stock into the bowl of drinking water and mix it well. The water is now chicken flavored and might like by the dog.

Before using the chicken stock, read about the ingredients mentioned here. Dogs are allergic to onions and garlic. So use a chicken stock that is free of onions and garlic.

  • Mixing canned food; Some parents trick their dogs into drinking water by adding their favorite canned food into the water bowl. This can fill the water with that canned food aroma, and the dog will get into it with pleasure.
  • Adding liver sprinkles: Some dog owners use liver sprinkles on meals that dogs don’t eat happily. After the liver magic, the dog eats them with all its will. This can also work with the water. First, sprinkle the liver sprinkles in the water bowl, and then add the regular drinking water into the bowl. This will be helpful to trick your dog into drinking water.

If you don’t get the liver sprinkles, you can also use the dehydrated liver in crushed form.

  • Adding bone broth; Adding bone broth is another technique to make the water flavored. This is the mix available in the online dog market or on amazon.

Before adding, make sure that the broth is free of onion and garlic. Once assured, mix one part of the broth with two parts of the regular drinking water and mix it well.

Using rehydration drink mix:

Rehydration drink mix is useable when you think no other tricks are getting your dog into drinking water. And now, it is important to rehydrate your dog’s body.

The rehydration drink mix is a simple drink containing some essential electrolytes needed for the dog’s body.

It is beneficial if used before physical activity or gameplay.

Frozen treats:

Give your dog his favorite treats in frozen form. Freeze the goodies in the ice cube module with a bit of water. While eating, your dog will get some water too.

Feeding fruits and vegetables:

Try to add more fruits and vegetables to the dog’s regular meal. Try to feed your dog fruits and vegetables rich in water, like cucumber, watermelon, melon, tomato, etc.

This will replenish some of the dog’s body’s need for water.

Keep the bowl full 24/7:

Keep a clean water bowl full of cool drinking water every time for your dog. This will make your dog lick into the bowl every time he passes through it.

Buying a water fountain:

Consider buying a water fountain for the dog. This will encourage him to drink more water.

Signs of dehydration:

The following can be signs that the dog is dehydrated to its maximum limit.

  • Increase in panting.
  • Gums will get sticky, blue, and dry.
  • Skin becomes tight.
  • Appetite decreases.
  • vomiting



Does wet foods hydrate dogs?

Yes, wet foods can hydrate the dogs because they contain moisture, and where there is moisture, there is hydration.

It is to consider here not to rely on wet foods only for completing the water demand of the body. This can only fulfill almost 1/4th of the body’s total market. Consider drinking water too.

What can I give my dog to drink other than water?

Other than water, you can give your dog the following.

  • Animal-friendly alcohol-free dog bear.
  • Wine
  • Prosecco
  • Health tonics
  • Herbal teas

Why is my dog not drinking her water?

The dogs’ normal behavior is that they focus more on eating rather than drinking. But if your dog is not drinking the water at all, he might be suffering from a disease. For example, he might be going through a urinary tract or bladder infection. That’s what makes him repellant to drink water.

If you notice any of this behavior in your dog, immediately contact your vet and detail the dog’s condition and treat the dog well with the medicines.


Giving a brief conclusion to the discussion here,

The dogs don’t drink plenty of water in their daily routine, and it’s normal. However, you can track your dog into drinking water by flavoring the dog’s water and by money other techniques mentioned above in detail. This may increase the dog’s daily intake of water.

If your dog is not drinking at all, it is recommended to get him to his vet. Sometimes the dogs are suffering from some usual illness. That’s why they quit drinking water. After getting the suitable treatment, they can get back to their regular water drinking routine.

Thank you for reading the article. If you liked it let us know in the comment section.

Dr. Louise Cosgrove

Dr. Louise Cosgrove

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