7 Must Know Facts About Being a Dog Owner

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Furry friends are a real treat to have as pets. As it is known, they are man’s best companions. However, people often forget that they have to be taken care of in the way one would treat their child – in fact, having dogs is equivalent to having children. It is not easy being aware of every comfort, discomfort, need, likes, and dislikes of your pet. So, here are a few common questions that you should have the answer to if you’re a dog owner.

#1: Do you know how to take care of dogs?

Taking care of a dog can often become tedious, even more so if it is a pup. It is not easy to be a dog parent, but it isn’t impossible! One of the ways to keep learning about dog parenting is through research. Many dog websites and journals are available to help you with that. In the case of puppies, start researching before they come home so that you can be prepared. The best way to take care of them is to keep learning ways to do so.

#2: What are the things your dog needs?

One of the most important things you should know if you’re a dog owner is your dog’s basic needs – mainly, you should see the difference between the dog’s needs and what you think is the dog’s needs. It is essential to make a rough monthly expenditure for purchasing dog supplies. Make sure you try to get a clear idea about the type of dog collars, leashes, muzzles, bowls, crates, collars, toys, and beds that suits your dog best and purchase them accordingly.

#3: How well trained is your dog, and how strong is your bond with him?

It is essential to train your dogs properly and convey the behavior you expect inside and outside the house. It is also necessary to make your dog aware of the house rules and train them to follow the rules. You must be patient with your dog while training. A daily routine and system provide a sense of comfort-of-the-known and a structure for your dog to rely on.

#4: Which food is the most suitable for your fur baby?

There are so many types of dog food available on the market, how to know which one would be ‘the one’ for your dog? The most crucial factor to take into account when buying food for your dog is its ingredients. There could be certain ingredients to which your dog could be allergic, and you should avoid that. The food does not necessarily have to be expensive; standard food with a good amount of nutrients is enough. Generally, the ideal food for your dog would depend on its weight, size, activity level, etc. It’s probably best to consult a veterinarian in this matter.


#5: What are your dog’s mental needs?

Besides everyday physical needs, dogs have specific mental needs too. Owners often tend to ignore the psychological needs of dogs. Most dogs show specific behavioral issues at some point in time. Communication with your dog is vital in situations like this. Certain dogs might show signs of excessive barking and aggression towards strangers, separation anxiety, destructive chewing, and even related health issues like urinating improperly despite consistent training. It is important to provide proper help to your dogs in such situations and do adequate research on caring for and supporting them.

#6: How to take care of your dog’s health?

One of the most important things to do in taking care of your dog’s physical health is choosing the right vet for your dog. While selecting a vet, keep in mind that they should develop a good relationship with each other, as the same vet will have to vaccinate your dog and help him through treatments without scaring him.

But, life is bound to give you lemons. So, what happens when your fur baby has to undergo a treatment that you cannot afford?

This is where pet insurance comes in. These provide you with financial aid if your dog is suffering from a sudden illness. There are a number of insurance policies available which are provided by different companies online. You can go through these carefully in order to choose the best one for your dog.

#7: What backup arrangements have you made for your dog?

Understandably, you will not be able to be with your dog 24×7. In such cases, you will have to resort to appointing a pet sitter or dog walker for being with your dog during that period. While appointing them, it should be kept in mind that your dog should be comfortable with them and must be willing to stay with them for quite some time. There are times you might have to be away from your pet for days, so choose wisely.

Though parenting a dog might be tedious at the beginning, it is fun once you know enough about them. So, relax and just enjoy being a dog parent! It takes time to get a grip, but you will definitely get there.

Dr. Louise Cosgrove

Dr. Louise Cosgrove

veterinarian for 10+ years currently running a veteran house and I am here to serve my knowledge over the internet.

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