5 Best Brooms for Dog Hair to try (Reviews 2022)

FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

What could be the biggest problem besides dealing with dreaded pet hair? You are always trying to sweep or vacuum your dog’s hair out of the carpet, floor, and furniture. It is always tedious to sweep up hair with an ordinary broom. You must have the best brooms for dog hair that is professionally designed to do their job.

Whether you have a double-coated Husky or short hair beagle as your best friend, their stuck hair makes it impossible for you to remove. They can coat floors and clothes and get caught between the fibers of your favorite carpet. It is much easier to use a broom than a vacuum between the deep cleanings. Of course, it’s a much more advanced technology, but it has its shortcomings. These vacuum machines are troublesome to operate, easily get damaged, and leave scratches when you use them on hard floors.

FURemover Removal Broom

FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

  • Useful for all surfaces
  • No scratches
  • Extendable pol

Homemaxs Broom for Pet Hair

Homemaxs Broom for Pet Hair

  • Rubber comb dustpan
  • Multi-Purpose use
  • Long adjustable handle

TreeLen Broom for Dog hair

TreeLen Broom and Dustpan combo for Dog hair

  • Collect all type of debris
  • Easy to clean
  • Rubber tipped dustpan

When you find yourself cleaning the same area repetitively, you might want to look for the best broom for dog hair. A dog broom could be your best investment and lifesaver when you have a doggo that heavily sheds hair. The excessive fur in your house can be frustrating for you. There are several gadgets and techniques to remove hair from your household items. But using a broom is the easiest and most efficient way to get this chore done with minimal effort and in no time.

Best Broom for Dog Hair in 2021

Why a traditional broom is not suitable for pet hair

The pet hair keeps itself contained and is very tricky to remove. A traditional bristled broom can do the work of snagging a dog’s hair. But it will scatter the hair more instead of trapping them. In contrast to a regular broom you can use for sweeping dust, a dog hair broom is professionally designed to trap hair. No doubt vacuums are an excellent option to control pet hair, but they can’t reach small crevices and cracks. In addition, it can be a challenging task to use them under furniture. In that case, the finest quality dog hair broom can be your best bet. It can also be used to mop dust from dog hair.

Reviews of top dog Broom

Our Top Quality Picks for You

If you want to get a furry dog, you should know that with a great dog comes great responsibility. Tackling dog hair is challenging, and you need to look for the best and top-quality broom. Don’t worry! We explored the market to enlist what products are worth your money. Here are our top choices you should consider.

1.FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom – Top Rated

FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

Listed as top-rated and amazon’s choice, this hair removal broom is all you need for a perfect and seamless cleaning. You can use it inside your home as well as outdoors. This broom is a pet hair magnet with its rubber head and bristles; you can practically use it on any surface. It is also a top broom on hardwood surfaces. Since it came into the market, it has earned immense fame, and you should couch for its top-notch quality.

Key Aspects:

Rubber Head: Not only hair but the electrostatic properties of rubber can attract dirt, debris, and fine particles. You can swiftly clean off hair from carpet, tiles, and floors. The broom head works magically on the hardwood floors. The head is very versatile and is of considerable size. You can use it anywhere from carpet to under the furniture. The bristles do their job well by trapping the hairs caught in carpet fibers.

Effective Squeegee edge: This broom is efficient in sweeping hair, but it has a built-in squeegee for liquid spills. Many customers delightfully reviewed that the squeegee is more effective in removing pet hair. It can clean your car windshield or your window glass. You can use it to wipe away liquid on any surface ranging from concrete to hardwood floors.

Extendable Telescopic Handle: The best thing the best broom can offer is to reach the places where your vacuum can’t. The hair slides away under the furniture or into small cracks most of the time. This broom has an extendable handle that can reach out to such places. The handle can extend from 36 to 60 inches in length. It is easily adjustable to use according to sweeping areas.

Easily Washable: Washing a broom to clean off all the hair and dirt from bristles is also a hectic task. In most instances, the bristles won’t leave the entangled hair. This broom with rubber bristles needs soapy water to remove all the hair and grim. This is very important when keeping your broom well-maintained and sanitized.

  • Useful for both carpeted and hardwood surfaces
  • Doesn’t leave any scratches
  • Extendable pole
  • Squeegee edge for liquid spills
  • The handle can break-off easily

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2.Homemaxs Broom for Pet Hair

Homemaxs Broom for Pet Hair

Homemaxs understand your hassle to clean those entangled and stuck pet hair. Its sturdiness and durability will make you a fan of it. It comes with a dustpan set and is a great way to tidy your outdoors and indoors from dog hair. The bristles resist debris piling up and are easy to clean. The installation and assembling are straightforward, and the broom can sweep up all the hairs quickly and efficiently.


Key Aspects:

Premium Quality Cleaning: The build quality of this broom is phenomenal. Its material is high-grade plastic that is not easily breakable. The bristles are upgraded and possess high-toughness material, so you won’t experience any strand breaking off. It is perfect for cleaning fine dust and hair with much longer service. The bristles don’t absorb water or any other liquid so you can clean any surface without extra fuss.

Feasible Dustpan Design: This broom comes with a dustpan combo. The material is excellent, along with its ease of use. The bottom has a rubber lip that can be fastened securely. The box won’t let the dust particles fall out with this rubber lip and 4cm long teeth comb over the dustpan. This rubber comb design efficiently captures all the dirt and hair, so you don’t have to use your hands to remove all those hair.

Ease of Use: Imagine bending over and getting backache trying to clean with your broom. This broom features a versatile extendable handle to a height of 52 inches. This is ideal for people of all measurements. You can remove a part of the handle to make it short or attach it to extend to a considerable length.

Compact storage and space-saving: This broom dustpan set has a large hole on the handle tip for easy hanging. The slider lock design ensures your broom doesn’t fall off the pan. The handles are of premium quality aluminum. This compact design saves a lot of space and helps to keep your home or workplace tidy and managed.

  • Rubber comb dustpan
  • Multi-Purpose use
  • Long adjustable handle
  • High-toughness bristles
  • The dustpan has no support point

3.TreeLen Broom and Dustpan combo for Dog hair

TreeLen Broom and Dustpan combo for Dog hair

If you are looking for a unique broom for dog hair with durability and efficacy, you must consider this product. This set includes a flexible tipped52-inch broom and an upright dustpan with a broom handle. The overall plastic build quality is impressive, coupled with a finely made dustpan. In addition, this broom is one of the highest-rated brooms available.

Key Aspects:

Sturdy Combination: This product performs exceptionally well for easy storage and standup. The high-grade plastic build gives a premium feel. The broom and pan fit together nicely and are accessible to stand up anywhere you want them. It is all on-the-move perfect set in terms of portability and ease of usage.

Built-in teeth & scrapper: The scrapper and comb over a pan are very beneficial in removing the stuck hair and debris. The broom is efficient in sweeping up all those tangled hair of your pet and carrying it. The pan has a flexible tip to ensure that no debris slide underneath it while sweeping.

Compact Handle and Broom: The handle is 52 inches long in an upright standup position. The long handle makes sure you won’t bend over and consequently get backache. The whole set is designed to give it a close look. This is beneficial if you want your room or workspace tidy and clean. The group can stay in an upright position without taking extra space. Easy to carry and the store is up to the mark feature.

Effective Cleaning: This set lets you take care of your floors and carpets without extra assistance. The rubber edging along the pan is best at sweeping every bit of dirt into the pan. The bristles are firmer and of high quality. The broom is tough enough to handle mucky jobs such as removing stuck dog hairs. It is an awe-inspiring choice in terms of all-purpose and all-surface cleaning products.

  • Collect all type of debris
  • Easy to clean
  • Rubber tipped dustpan
  • Built-in scraper
  • We haven’t encountered any cons.

4.ElectroSilk Silicon Bristle Broom

ElectroSilk Silicon Bristle Broom

Do you have a house with limited open floor space? This broom provides more accessible storage without compromising your dog’s hair sweeping efficiency. You can use this brush almost anywhere, including on delicate flooring. This product will give you the same great experience an oversized broom does with its 12.5 inches broadhead. You will discover its excellence for multi-floor homes when you start using it.

Key Aspects:

Easy to install: This broom gives the freedom of use at any height due to its long extendable handle. The handle can be split into 4 parts of 30.7 inches each. So you will get 4 different sizes of 17″ / 32″ / 52’’and 64″ inches with each piece of its extendable pole handle. You can combine these parts to get a more extended hold if you want to access hard-to-reach areas and small surfaces. It is durable, and the handle has a powder-coated finish to prevent it from rusting.

Silicon Bristles: In comparison to rubber bristles, silicon bristles are much more elastic and reliable. With everyday use, silicon-made bristles don’t wear off or deform. In contrast to rubber, the silicon has heat durability up to 520°F, and you can sterilize it using steam or hot water. These silicone bristles are electrostatically very active and act like a magnet when gathering hairs or fur from the surfaces.

Innovative & Efficient: This broom will give you the most satisfactory results with its revolutionary technology and next-gen materials. This product can sweep up everything, whether dog hair, fur, lint, or human hair. You will not see any dust clouds and dust trails with their regular use.

Multi-purpose Cleaner: With hundreds of satisfied users, this broom is proved to be efficient in multi-surface cleaning. The silicone bristles are waterproof, and you can use this on any wet or dry surface. It will effectively gather hair and dirt from your hardwood, concrete, and carpet. In addition to that, the broom is also equipped with a squeegee blade to sweep and wipe any liquid spills. It has a contour bumper belt on its edges to prevent damage to furniture with aggressive use.

  • Lightweight & space-saving
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor rugs
  • Silicon electrostatic bristles
  • The head of the broom is small in size

5. Dog Hair Remover Broom Rubber Broom Build-in Squeegee

Dog Hair Remover Broom Rubber Broom Build-in Squeegee

This is another quality dog broom by TreeLen. The broom is made up of TPR rubber, and it can clean any surface without damaging it. In addition, it has some quality features which can save you a lot of time.

Electrostatic rubber

The dog hair broom has electrostatic rubber. It can collect dust, hair, and garbage from the floor. It picks up the tiny dust and can easily remove hair from the floor. It is a must to have tool for cleaning your dog’s hair.

Long handle

It has a long handle which makes cleaning very easy. The handle is made up of stainless Polea, and you can adjust it with your height. The broom is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Silicon Bristles

It has silicon bristles which make cleaning very easy. These bristles can quickly clear all the dust without damage to the surface, making them on our list of top picks.

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What to consider when buying a Dog Broom?

Type of Bristles: Our best-recommended suggestion is to buy a broom with silicon or rubber bristles. Rubber naturally acts as a magnet due to electrostatic properties. It can give you a more thorough and complete cleaning. Rubber is invincible and water-resistant and works great in most household messes.

Telescoping Extendable Handle: We suggest buying a broom with a handle length of at least 50 inches. Cleaning is a very hectic task with a vigorous back and forth movements. This puts a strain on the back and gives backache. You should either get one with a retractable handle or a fixed long length. It will help you reach inaccessible places with ease without back pain.

Convenience: Always choose a broom that can reach small and tighter places. It must not be too heavy so that it won’t tire you. If you want a broom with a dustpan, always opt out for the one with a rubber comb. When you try to clean hair, they are stuck and entangled in bristles and very cumbersome to remove. This is where a good dustpan comb plays its part. The dustpan must have a flat rubber tip that can sit on any flat surface. This will ensure no debris gets beneath the pan when you try to sweep up into the dustpan.

Compact Storage: Either you can get a broom with an easy disassembly feature or get one that can snap together. Most of the brooms that come with a dustpan have a snapping mechanism. In addition, the broom has a hanger, so you can hang it anywhere or behind the door to save space. Some brooms can be disassembled for easy storage in the cabinet.

Size of Broom: Choosing the right broom size depends upon what type of floor you have. You can get an average-sized broom if you have a hardwood or tiled floor. A broom head over a 1-foot length is ideal for larger spaces to shorten cleaning sessions. Buy a product that can cut your cleaning time in half.

Types of Brooms for Dog Hair

There are two variations in dog hair brooms you’ll probably come across while choosing one.

Upright Broom: This broom is a top-notch and efficient choice that removes pet hair and more than that. It is suitable for house cleaning and maintenance and is lightweight. It has synthetic bristles and an upright handle. You can use it with a footprint for cleaning and storage sessions.

It can easily fit in cracks, crevices, and under furniture and easily maneuver. This is your excellent choice for hard surfaces and floors. However, cleaning this broom is time-consuming and doesn’t work well on carpets.

Push Broom: This broom features an extra-wide head to cover a large area in one go. Your home will be pet hair free, and it will significantly shorten your cleaning sessions. Unlike the upright brooms with traditional synthetic bristles, this has silicon or rubber bristles. These bristles can attract hair much more efficiently and effectively contain them. The formation of hair tumbleweeds is one of the major issues during cleaning. The skittering away of hair can be very frustrating when trying to complete the cleaning quickly. It requires ample storage space but does its job on hard surfaces and the carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a dog hair broom more effective than a vacuum?

Vacuum often gives you a tough time in cleaning small crevices and cracks where pet hair lodges the most. A broom can reach these places effectively and pull out all the debris and hair much more efficiently.

How often should I clean my floor?

If you have a dog, it is recommended to clean the floor regularly. The more time hair stays on feet, the more chances they accumulate and are hard to remove. Also, you’ll feel your floor much less greasy if you clean every day rather than cleaning after a week.

Are dog hair brooms specific for floor types?

Yes, if you have a hardwood floor, a boom with rubber bristles is ideal. Rubber brooms also work well on carpets, vinyl, and concrete floors. You can use your broom for any type of big dust and saw debris cleaning outdoors.

Why shouldn’t I use a traditional broom for dog hair?

In contrast to traditional wooden or plastic brooms, a rubber broom ensures your floor’s cleanliness. A rubber broom doesn’t leave any scratches and thoroughly cleans the floor. The shiny finish of your vinyl or hardwood floor is retained for as long as possible. It also prevents allergies caused by bacteria during unhygienic conditions.


Out of all the recommended brooms for dog hair, the best broom award goes to FURemover Pet hair Broom. In our opinion, this great broom with a built-in squeegee is your best bet. This broom, along with our 2nd and 3rd recommendations, gives you the versatility and freedom of use. The Homemaxs and Treeline, pet hair brooms, offer you an included dustpan for easy cleaning. Our top-picked brooms have the best lengths for sweeping and soft rubber bristles for any floor. The cons of these brooms are pretty synonymous and can be avoided with careful use. And with that being said, these brooms are the bang for the buck! You can also read reviews about nail grinder.

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