Can I Use Dog Clippers on Human Hair?


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If you groom your dog yourself, then you should be pretty familiar with using a dog clipper. And I am sure you have noticed how dog clippers create less vibration and less noise and also appear to have a much faster blade speed. And that naturally got you thinking, can I use it to cut my own hair?

Let’s look at the answers.

Can I Use Dog Clippers on Human Hair?

I am not a fan of hair-cutting days, partly because I do it myself. The hair clipper that I use is pretty good, don’t get me wrong, but it is annoyingly loud. Sadly, this is quite normal for a human hair clipper.

And while a human hair clipper does get the job done pretty fast, many people do not like the vibration that it produces. And if there is a better alternative out there, I can see how that might seem appealing.

But the truth is, using a dog clipper on a human hair is really not a wise idea. It takes a lot of time to cut human hair with a dog clipper, and even if that is not a problem, it can seriously mess up your hairstyle.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here, I will talk in detail about whether it is possible to use dog clippers on human hairs and also discuss the different issues that may come up with this idea.

Can Dog Clippers Cut Human Hairs?

Can Dog Clippers Cut Human Hairs

Yes, dog clippers can, in fact, cut human hair. But it is neither efficient nor as smooth as you would want it. Since dog clippers are meant for dog furs, using them on human hair can have some serious complications. But before I get to that, you need to know what sets the two clippers apart.

Differences Between Dog Clippers and Human Clippers

Knowing the differences between a dog clipper and a human clipper is the key to understanding whether using a dog clipper to cut your hair is a wise idea. So let me give you a complete breakdown of the major differences between the two types of clippers.

Differences Between Dog Clippers and Human Clippers

1. Blade Design

Let’s start with the obvious one first. The blades that dog clippers come with are not the same as the ones you would usually find on a human hair clipper.

Since the blades are designed to cut different materials, the manufacturers use different types of blades for each clipper design.

For example, human hairs are typically a lot thinner and lighter than dog fur. That is why most human hair trimmers come with blades with teeth close together. This allows you to cut through your hair smoothly with only one or two passes per section.

The blades on a dog clipper, on the other hand, have a lot more spacing between every two teeth. This design allows the clipper to cut through the dog hair without having to worry about the blade teeth getting caught on the thick fur. Using human clippers on dog hair can result in painful fur pulling while cutting.

2. Motor

The next major difference between a dog clipper and a human clipper is the power and design of the motor. If you own a dog, you already know how easily it can get spooked. In a dog clipper, the motor is designed to make things as easy for the dog and the groomer as possible.

Human hair clippers, in general, come with powerful motors whose entire purpose is to shave down the hair as quickly as possible.

These motors allow the clipper to cut quickly and smoothly according to the clip length. This also means human clippers overheat quicker and needs a moment to cool down if it gets too hot.

Dog hair clippers can also overheat, but because of the less aggressive motor that usually comes in them, you can get up to 90 minutes of runtime with it. This, of course, varies from one model to another, but in continuous use, a dog hair clipper will stay cool a lot longer than a human hair clipper.

In addition, the motor in a dog clipper vibrates a lot less compared to human clippers. This design is meant to reduce the chance of hurting your pet when you want to give his hair a trim. But since the human scalp is not as sensitive, the extra vibration on a human clipper has no effect on its performance.

3. Cutting Depth

You would think that the cutting depth on a dog trimmer would be the same, if not more, compared to a human hair clipper. But the truth is dogs have sensitive skin, and if the clipper that you use to trim his fur were to cut deep, it might accidentally nip his skin.

Typically, human hair clippers are designed to trim the hair down to about 0.2 mm away from the scalp. Thanks to the tightness of the skin across the scalp, this does not pose any risk for a human head. If the user knows what he is doing, injury from hair clippers is not something you have to worry about.

However, dog clippers are designed to leave a lot more fur compared to human hair. A #10 blade, considered a fine blade for a dog clipper, leaves around 1/16th inches of the hair away from its skin. This length ensures that you have minimal risk of snipping his skin when you are giving him a trim.

4. Cutting Speed

The final difference between the two clipper types is the range of cutting speed that it offers. As you may have guessed, the cutting speed of a trimmer plays a huge role in how efficiently and smoothly you can cut through hair when you use it. And as it turns out, dog clippers give you more speed options.

Human hair clippers generally have a static cutting speed as the motor is much more powerful here. And even if you do get multiple speeds, it is usually limited to three-speed settings at best. Even with a minimal range of speed, you will be able to shave your entire head within one or two passes.

Dog clippers, on the other hand, offer more speed options, and sometimes, the cutting speed can go as high as 5000 strokes per minute.

Since dog hairs are thicker and the motor is not as powerful, the higher stroke count allows the groomer to cut the hair efficiently and smoothly. You will also find more speed adjustment settings in a dog clipper compared to a human hair clipper.

5. Operating Noise

Dog clippers are a lot less noisy compared to human clippers because of the low-power motor inside them. And it makes sense, considering how a loud noise and vibration can easily scare your pet.

On the other hand, human hair clippers do not worry about the noise all too much. It gets annoying, sure, but because of the more powerful motor inside it, you can cut through your hair much more quicker compared to a dog clipper.

Can I Shave my Head with Dog Clippers?

If you are not worried about the final looks of your hair but simply want to shave it off, then using a dog clipper might not be such a bad idea, after all.

Once you are done shaving the entirety of your head, you can use a razor to smooth everything out.

Can I Shave my Head with Dog Clippers

The downside here is that you would have to put up with the occasional hair pulls, especially if you had a full head of hair before the trim.

Personally, I would rather use a human hair clipper. But if you don’t have the option right away, then a dog clipper can work pretty well.

Is it Possible to Use Dog Clippers on Human Hair?

Is it Possible to Use Dog Clippers on Human Hair

Yes, while there are many differences between a dog clipper and a human clipper, it is still possible to use a dog clipper to cut human hair. But the cut might not be as perfect as you might expect.

Since the motors in dog clippers are not as powerful as human clippers, you will have to make a lot more passes with them. In addition, there is a chance of your hair getting pulled instead of cutting off smoothly. This can be quite painful.

Besides, you will not be able to do different hairstyles with it. Dog clippers are designed to cut large volumes of fur, but to make the hair look precise, groomers use cutting scissors.

The hair clipper is not meant to fine-tune the hairstyle in most cases. In addition, a dog clipper can get dull if you use it to cut human hair regularly.

So, although it is possible to give yourself a haircut with dog clippers, I would not recommend it. Investing in a proper human hair clipper is always the better approach if you want your hair to look sleek and stylish after the cut.

I hope my article could give you enough information to decide for yourself whether using a dog hair clipper is a good idea. Cheers!

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