Can You Use Dog Clippers on Sheep? (Yay or Nay?)


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Let me make this clear. A dog clipper is a type of hair clipper that has been designed for dogs and dogs only. Just because it’s a clipper doesn’t mean it will clip anything you throw in front of it.

It is a handheld device with two blades on one side and one blade on the other. The device is used to trim the coat of dogs, including long and short-haired breeds.

On the other hand, the term ‘sheep shearer’ is used to describe a tool for cutting wool from a sheep. The sheep shearer is different from the dog clippers because it’s built to cut wool from sheep, not dogs.

With the increased demand for wool, sheep are now being bred to have thicker and longer wool. This has led to the need for a new type of clipper that can handle the thickness of these long, thick wool.

Will Dog Clippers Work on Sheep?

Sheep are not dogs, and they have different types of hair. Dog clippers are designed with a blade that is thin enough to cut through hair, and it’s flexible enough to move around quickly. These features make them perfect for clipping dogs.

However, they cannot handle the thickness of sheep’s wool. This is where shearing machines come in handy. Sheep shearers can be found in many shapes and sizes, some handheld, and others stationary.

Can You Use Dog Clippers on Sheep

The process of using one typically starts with placing an animal on a table or platform, then moving it around until you find a good spot where you can see its skin, then sliding or rotating the blades of your device until you’ve reached your desired depth of cut.

So, can you shear dog clippers on sheep? While it is possible to use a dog clipper, it takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, you will have to make a lot of small passes to get the coat off.

Why Won’t Dog Clippers Work on Sheep?

You might want to think again if you’re thinking about getting a dog clipper to trim your sheep’s fur. Sheep are different from dogs in their anatomy and physiology.

Dogs have short, soft coat that is easy to cut with clippers. On the other hand, sheep have a long, coarse coat that is difficult to cut with clippers. The blade of the clipper would not reach far enough to cut through the wool.

Why Won't Dog Clippers Work on Sheep

They also lack the power needed for pulling out a nice, even coat. While the clippers were designed to cut hair, they weren’t designed for the task of shearing wool.

If you do, you might end up with a mess of tangled fleece on your hands, which is frustrating and time-consuming to clean up.

Difference Between Sheep Shears and Dog Shears

The main difference between sheep shears and dog shears is that the former is designed for cutting wool from sheep while the latter is used to cut dogs’ fur.

Apart from that, there are some other differences that you should know about.

Dog Shears


Sheep shears are typically larger in size and designed for large animals like sheep. They can be used on both types of animals but are mostly used on sheep.

Dog shears, on the other hand, are designed for smaller animals like dogs. They can also be used to trim a variety of animal hair but are usually only used on dogs or small animals.

The Cutter

A dog shear has a short cutter blade with between 10 and 15 small horizontal points. These points vibrate from side to side or sometimes back and forth to cut hair. It clips over the end of the handpiece and attaches along the end.

There are four triangle-shaped points on the cutter of sheep shears. It is also possible to increase the tension with sheep shears by turning the knob on the handle, which is different from dog shears.


As you know, dog shears come with different combs designed to suit different types of coats and styles of cuts. In addition, there are plastic combs that can be swapped over the blades. Professional groomers need a variety of sizes when grooming dogs.

Furthermore, the size of the comb used for combing is determined by the size of the coat. If a dog is combed with a 1/4-inch comb, a quarter inch of fur will be left on the dog after combing.

There are only one or two sizes of combs on sheep shears. To maintain a good level of warmth, the coat is either slightly above the skin or cut close to it. The blades are metal and have combs attached to the skin-facing side.

Sheep Shears

Lack Of Safety Feature

Sheep shears are designed with a sharp blade that can be used to cut through wool without damaging the skin of the animal, while dog shears are designed with a blunt blade that is safer for use on animals like dogs.

Dog clippers have more safety features than sheep shears, making it less likely that you will injure your puppy.

Can I Use Dog Clippers on My Horse?

One of the most common questions that horse owners ask is whether they can use dog clippers to groom their horses. As the CEO of EEVS, I got this question a lot of times.

Groomers (including people who have first-hand experience) commonly use dog clippers on horses because they are small, lightweight, and easy to carry around with them.

(Note: Just because they can doesn’t mean you can too. They have years of experience and know-how to do it safely.)

They also provide an easy way for owners to groom their horses without bringing out heavy equipment like trimmers or shears. While it may be tempting, it’s not a good idea.

You should be extra cautious because horses have different types of fur than dogs do, and the clipper blades can easily injure them. In addition, most dog clipper motors are designed for a single task and not for heavy-duty work like cutting the mane.

If you want to use the clipper on your horse, make sure that you have the right size blade and type of motor. The most important thing to remember when using clippers on your horse is that you should never apply them for more than 20 minutes at a time.

You should also be careful when using clippers on a hot day because they can cause overheating issues and may cause injury to the skin or hairline.

Are Dog Clippers the Same as Horse Clippers?

Dog clippers are designed for dogs with fur, while horse clippers are designed for horses with fur. Horse clippers have a wider blade that can reach more of the animal’s body, while dog clippers have a narrower blade that can reach less of the animal’s body.

Horse Clippers

A horse clipper has a 120-watt motor that is designed to handle the workload of clipping a horse. On the contrary, the motor on a dog clipper usually has a power of 5-15 watts. Therefore, if you are clipping long hair or cutting through thick coats, then use a horse clipper because it has more power than the dog one would have.

A horse clipper will save you time and effort because they have a powerful motor compared to a dog clipper. Dog clippers can be used to cut a horse’s coat, but they will inevitably take longer. In addition, it can take days to groom a horse with clippers and brushes properly.

Can You Use Wahl Dog Clippers on Horses?

Wahl dog clippers are made from high-quality stainless steel and can be used on both wet and dry coats. They come with an adjustable blade that is perfect for clipping all types of coats, from short fur to long hair.

Can You Use Wahl Dog Clippers on Horses

They are mainly used for clipping the hair of dogs. However, you cannot use these clippers on horses because they have been designed specifically for small animals.

The Bottom Line

If you have a dog that needs clipping, you may want to use a pair of clippers designed for the job. For a sheep with a lot of wool to clip, you might consider using shears instead.

Not using a sheep shear will result in more trouble. So, if you don’t want to lose your dog clippers, don’t use them on a sheep – simple. Hope this helps. Cheers!

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