How to Sharpen Dog Clippers (7 Easy Steps)


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Sharpening the blade of the clippers is a straightforward thing to do. First, you need to monitor when your clippers need sharpening.

Then, simply take the blade out of the clippers and sharpen them with some sharpening tools or replace the old blade with a new one. Here is a detailed guide about how to sharpen dog clippers

Your dog’s clipper becomes dull? Causes irritation every time you try to trim the hairs of the dog? Then your dog’s clipper must need to know how to sharpen dog clippers a sharpening treatment.

In this article, you will come to know how to sharpen dog clippers. Please make this a habit to sharpen the blades because it’s a hygienic practice and makes trimming easy also.

How to Sharpen Dog Clippers (Follow These 7 East Steps)

How to Sharpen Dog Clippers

1. Take the Blade Out

 First of all, ensure that the clippers are not plugged in or otherwise in a portable model. Remove the batteries before opening the clippers.

The blades are held in the clippers by two or different methods depending upon the model you are using. First, push the tabs which hold the edges, and the blade will pop out. Next, remove the blade, then carefully out from the clipper.

In some models, blades are held with two screws. Loosen the screws carefully and remove the blade from them. Place the screws in consideration so that you don’t feel difficulty while reassembling the clippers.

2. Brushing the Blade

Now, take a rough toothbrush or a brush that came with the clippers. Clean the clippers head and the blade with that brush carefully.

Remove as many hairs as you can from the clippers head and blade by using this brushing procedure. 

3. Cleaning the Blade

Make a cleaning solution using any soap or detergent. Clean the clippers using that solution. Scrub the solution over the surface of the clippers with the help of a cotton pad to remove any debris.

For blade cleaning, it is recommended to soak the blade in the detergent solution for at least 10-15 minutes. After removing from the solution, clean the blades with a clean cloth and let them dry properly.

4. Collect Sharpening Tools

 you need a honing stone along with an 8000 gritstone.

If your blade is of ceramic material, you will need a diamond stone to sharpen your blade. These kinds of sharpening stones are available in any hardware store.

5. Spraying Water on the Sharpening Stone

Spray water on the sharpening stone. If the stone absorbs the water, your stone must soak in water for at least 10 minutes. After spraying, a thin sheen of water remains on the surface then the stone is ready to use.

6. Blade Holding and Sharpening

Hold the blade between your thumb and index finger. Keep the blade at 35-45 degrees of angle and try not to deviate from this angle. Move the blade on the stone in one direction by keeping the angle constant. Do that several times for one side.

Now change the side and do the same for that side too.

Before changing the side of the blade wipes the powder off from the sharpening stone.

Wipe the blade off when finished.

7. Clippers are Reassembling

The blades are now sharpened, and the clippers are cleaned. Now it’s time to put the blades back in the clippers. Put the screws back in position, and before tightening, pour a drop of lubricant oil on the screws and the blade.

Then turn the clippers on and run the blade so that the oil distributes appropriately.

Your dog’s clippers are now all new to use.


How often should dog clippers’ blades be sharpened?

The sharpening frequency of the clippers blade directly depends on its usage. For example, if you use the clippers for a few minutes in your whole day, frequent sharpening is not required.

Professional dog groomers use their clippers intensively, so they need to sharpen their clipper blades every four to six weeks.

The sharpening of the blades increases the machine’s efficiency and makes trimming easy for the groomer and the dog.

How do I know if the clipper blades are dull?

There is a simple technique to check if your clipper blades are sharp or dull.

Pull the blade out of the clipper and carefully run your finger along the blade at 90 degrees. You will feel the level of sharpness or dullness that your blade is offering.

How many times can you sharpen clipper blades?

On average, a clipper’s blade can be sharpened two to three times then you have to replace the blade with a new one.

But if your dog’s coat is clean, you can sharpen the blade even more than three times before replacing it with the new one.

There is no hard and fast rule for the replacement of the blades. It just solely depends on its frequency of usage and how the blade is being used.

Here is a comprehensive guide about the best dog clippers for poodles.


End the discussion here by giving a brief conclusion, as evident from the above discussion, that sharpening nail clippers is not complicated. It is a usual and straightforward thing to do.

The sharpening routine depends on the usage of the dog clippers and the type of hair coat your dog has.

If your dog has a thick hair coat and you trim her hair rarely, your clippers will need frequent cleaning. If you trim every day little by little, your clippers still need frequent sharpening and cleaning.

One thing more to mention, if you find it laborious to sharpen your clipper blades, you may replace them with a new one every time you feel like the blades are getting dull. Hopefully, this article brings ease you, and you will find it how to sharpen dog clippers.

If you find it helpful, let us know in the comment section below and let us know your curies and questions in the comment section.

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