Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

Of course, you’d love to take your best friend with you on your camping trip alongside your human friends. So, yes, we’re addressing your dog as your best friend (obviously!).


Now that you’re on this page, looking for the best tents for camping with dogs, you’re a visionary, and we appreciate you. With so many tent choices accessible nowadays, it’s pretty challenging to figure out which one is best for you and your pet. 


To help, we’ve gathered together the best tents for setting up camp with your dogs. Any of them should give you added genuine feelings of serenity to assist with making setting up camp with your canine a breeze.


So, let’s check out the 10 best options of tents we’ve narrowed down for you and pick your favorite! 


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Should Your Dog Sleep In A Tent?

Dogs are adaptable to different sleeping settings and can sleep inside tents. They may choose to sleep in a tent or remain outside during the cooler weather. The tent needs to provide shelter, security, and proximity, for your dog. 


They can have their place with pop-up traveling dog tents. But there’re some advantages and disadvantages if your dog sleeps in a tent with you. So let’s have a look at it.

Advantages Of Having The Dog Inside The Tent

  • A dog-friendly shelter
  • It prevents your dog from going off on a wild hunt.
  • You’re aware of your dog’s location, vicinity, and safety.
  • Protect your dog from insects such as mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Warmth is shared for both you and your dog.


Disadvantages Of Having The Dog Inside The Tent

  • Your dog may get restless or agitated at night by unexpected sounds outside, disrupting your sleep.
  • The dog’s razor-sharp nails can shred the tent’s walls and floors.


10 Best Tents For Camping With Dogs Reviews

As we all know, many dogs love camping, and they shall appreciate you more if you provide the perfect tent. Keeping that in mind, alongside durability, longevity, and stability, we handpicked the top 10 choices you’re going to find below. Hop in.


Coleman Sundome Tent – Best For Camping & Hiking
  • Size:  2 Person
  • Item Weight: 3.4 Kilograms
  • Special Feature: Rainfly

Elevate LLC CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent– Perfect For Family Trip
  • Size: 9 Person
  • Item Weight: 18.21 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Water-Resistant, Tent Stakes, Rainfly

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent – Specialized In Two Room
  • Size: 8 Person
  • Item Weight: 27.3 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Water-Resistant

Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent – Incredible WeatherTec System
  • Size: 8 Person
  • Item Weight: 21.5 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Rainfly

Coleman Carlsbad Tent For Camping– Highlighted Dark Room Technology
  • Size: 4 Person
  • Special Feature: Rainfly

Marmot Crane Creek 2-Person Camping Tent – Great Choice For Summer Trip
  • Size:  2 Person
  • Item Weight: 1.81 Kilograms
  • Special Feature: Lightweight

Nemo Wagontop Group Camping Tent – Fantastic Dual Room Facility
  • Size:  2 Person
  • Item Weight: 3.4 Kilograms
  • Special Feature: Rainfly

MSR Habitude 4-Person Camping Tent – Best For Adventurous Families
  • Size: 4 Person
  • Special Feature: Rainfly

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 – Offer Finest Weather Protection
  • Size: 4 Person
  • Item Weight: 8.5 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Rainfly

Klymit Cross Canyon 2 Person Tent – A Simple Setup Tent
  • Size:  2 Person
  • Item Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Lightweight

1. Coleman Sundome Tent – Best For Camping & Hiking

There’s a good reason that the Coleman Sundome Tent is the first tent on the list. If this is your first time camping with your dog and you’re unsure whether this will become a memorable trip, you don’t want to spend too much money on a trip.

In that case, the Coleman Sundome tent will be the best option for you. The Coleman Sundome tent can sleep 4 people without any problem.

It’s best for late sleepers as it blocks about 90% of the daylight, making a “darkroom” while giving a loosening up climate, particularly throughout the mid-year.

Setting up this tent is excellent for setting up camp in a warm climate with huge windows and a ground vent that pushes warm air up and out to keep you comfortable.

It has a decent screen room with a footprint for your dogs. In addition, this tent is waterproof, holds serenely 4 grown-ups, provisions a protected WeatherTec framework intended to be wind-and climate-safe, and will be ideal for setting up camp outings with your canine buddy.

Each tent isn’t just appropriate in warm weather but also in rainy weather due to the presence of a separate rainfly. On top of this, the inverted creases and welded corners of the tent will keep the water out of the tent on the off chance that it rains too heavily.

As per different tests run, the casings of the Coleman Sundome tent can withstand rain and wind of 35 mph. Additional features include cross-section stockpiling pockets in the tent’s dividers that make it simple to keep your dog’s essentials —like unique treats, a chain, any effective medicines, etc.

That makes this tent extremely useful. Plus, with the large windows, your dog will still feel like it is outside even while being inside the comfort of the Coleman Sundome Tent.

  • Easy to assemble with a few clicks
  • Weatherproof tent with mesh storage packs at an affordable price
  • Improved ventilation system to keep you cool throughout the nigh
  • Large window for better airflow
  • Able to withstand rain and wind of 35 mph
  • Not durable enough to be used for a long time.
  • Usually can’t stand the rain

2. Elevate LLC CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent– Perfect For Family Trip

Now, it’s time for a family camping trip! The family and your cousins want to hog up all the blankets for your pet dog. Your entire family wants to be a part of this from your aunt, who makes all the cookies.


Yes, your dog will be your only companion throughout the trip because, let’s face it, your family can get on your nerves from time to time.  

 However, for a considerable family as such, the Elevate LLC Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent is the best option for you! 

 This is considered one of the large dog tents, and it fits one of the best tents for camping with dogs. Contrasted with the wide range of various tents, this is the biggest of them with the ability to accommodate nine people and a dog. 

 It has adequate room to fit in 3 sovereign inflatable cushions. The fundamental elements of this tent include the gear loft that has a lantern hook and pockets to keep your travel items in instead of holding them on the floor, thus establishing an organized environment. 

 A genuinely significant aspect concerning CORE is that they make items equipped for ordinary individuals if you have consistently pondered setting up camp with the family. 

 However, complicated tent arrangements alarm you, and this is an incredible tent for your family. They endeavor to associate with everybody and carry the satisfaction in the wild to people who aren’t lifetime experience campers. 

 The CORE tent is produced using a water-safe texture using their exclusive H2O Block innovation with heat-fixed creases. Its ventilation framework highlights ground-level movable vents to permit cool air into the tent and cross-section roofs to permit hot air to get away. 

 Each tent’s windows are zippered with cross-sections to consider extra wind current and unique perspectives while keeping bugs from getting into your living space. 

 This monster extravagance tent also remembers an electric port if you need to run an additional string for power, so your cell phones stay charged.

  • Light-weighted tent but also durable in every manner
  • Fits almost 9 people, including your dog
  • The tent has a built-in electrical outlet
  • Each tents cross-section roofs permit hot air to escape
  • It has a lantern hook and pockets to keep your travel items
  • Non-heavy duty fabric, a compromise for the lightweight

3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent – Specialized In Two Room

Another mega-sized (but smaller than the previous one) tent for your comfort! This three-season tent is best used for excursions or setting up a camping trip in decent weather.

The tent isn’t too breezy or windy, making it appropriate for three-season camping, and it has a separated patio region to permit you to deal with things outside.

This is a lodge-style tent. So it implies very high and straight steep walls in the entire room, with every one of the benefits and drawbacks of such a plan.

For instance, you can put any lofts in such a room; however, tall tents might be shaky in solid breezes. The Wenzel Klondike 8 isn’t unsupported. So plan where to pitch it; it should be marked to the ground. Such a plan implies that the principal room’s rooftop seems like a conventional vault tent’s rooftop; however, it’s raised high over the floor and upheld by the upward side shafts.

A design of this sort is more steady for vertical tension than the rooftop with straight posts, so it’s doubtful to fall. In addition, the roof is all cross-section, so if the sky is clear, you can rest without the fly and partake in the stars with your companions and canines. This is one of the best dog-friendly tents out there.

  • A lightweight tent easily fits inside a car or truck
  • Larger porch to store a small camping table inside
  • Open ventilation with no bugs and insects interruption
  • Keep important items in the storage pockets
  • Enough room for a queen-sized air mattress
  •  In heavy wind, it can be difficult to have full stability.

4. Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent – Incredible WeatherTec System

Since we’re on the go with large dog tents, we must mention the Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent. Yes, Coleman will make cameos on this page more than once because they are extremely good with their crafts. 

 Now for this particular product, it can hold a capacity of 8 people, and of course, it was one of the best tents for camping with dogs. This tent can also be used as a separate tent with a dog room. 

 The tent can be isolated into three separate spaces by using the dividers provided to keep up with privacy among occupants! It’s likewise extraordinary for people who prefer not to sleep with their dogs in the same room.

 It’s not simply that this camping tent is sufficiently high (6ft) to permit you to stand and move effectively inside the tent. 

 One of the other primary components of this tent is the number of windows. Each tent is appropriately ventilated with seven windows and two roof vents to permit legitimate airflow.

 Here you can likewise partake in the perspectives on the outside directly from your tent from the different windows. 

 Suppose that isn’t sufficient to show you that Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent is the best tent for setting up a camp with canines. In that case, presumably, the asylum overhang it accompanies will persuade you. 

 Ideal for any climate, it has a sun shelter canopy for those hot days and an inverted seam and welded floors that will keep water out of the tent if it rains.

  • Water-resistant, spacious, and durable
  • Cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting system allow airflow
  • Budget-friendly campaign tent
  • Easy to set up and pack with individual tents, poles, and steak bags
  • Enough capacity for 8 people to sleep comfortably.


  •  Many complain about the rainfall awnings 

5. Coleman Carlsbad Tent For Camping– Highlighted Dark Room Technology

Yes, when we said that Coleman would be making many features on this page, we bet you didn’t expect it to come back on the list this soon, but it is what it is.

The Coleman Carlsbad tent is a magnificent decision for dog guardians who need to invest some great energy with their snuggle pal in nature. It accompanies an extra screen room where you can store your essential things, and your textured companion can also have some recess.

Setting up the Coleman Carlsbad doesn’t take a lot of time. It requires around 15 minutes, and if you’re a professional, you can do it a lot quicker.

The tent has a 9 x 7 feet component and stands at 4 feet 11 inches. They accompany a remarkable darkroom innovation that blocks 97.5 percent daylight allowing you to rest even after dawn.

The screen room has a zip entryway, and it’s open enough for 2-3 canines depending upon their size. In this way, assuming you have different dogs, you’re in karma. It has additional ventilation, which is a superb choice to invest energy during hotter evenings.

Because of Coleman’s exceptional WeatherTec framework that will keep you dry and warm in any event, during precipitation, the floors are made with a solid tub-like base.

This will ward the dampness off during wet stormy days. The modified creases additionally keep the water out, giving you insurance against the rain.

Inside the tent, there’re little stockpiling pockets where you can keep a few necessities inside your compass. So, for example, you can save a few treats for your dog, which you can give him when he’s hungry, polite, or is just being adorable enough.

  • The Coleman Carlsbad tent is spacious in every manner.
  • Darkroom technology blocks about 90% of sunlight.
  • Allowing for more comfortable sleeping by reducing heat inside the tent.
  • This Coleman tent has a screen room for extra space.
  • Its E-Port simplifies the process of bringing electrical power inside.
  • There’re no zip-up closures in the screen room or back panel.

6. Marmot Crane Creek 2-Person Camping Tent – Great Choice For Summer Trip

We’ve looked at plenty of spacious tents for a group camping trip that involves your pets. Let’s look at a portable dog tent for a two-person camping trip, just you and your dog.

Yes, it sounds beautiful! But, along with everything, you need a good backpacking tent for a good night’s stay in the woods or on the hills.

A backpacking tent is the most fundamental thing while going trekking and camping. Various backpacking tents are accessible to browse on the lookout, but we’ve picked the best one for you in Marmot.

Marmot is a famous open-air brand with a line of exceptional items. What’s more, Crane Creek 2-Person Ultra Lightweight Tent is made with similar norms.

The lightweight tent is best for explorers, climbers, and campers. It loads light with a most extreme load of 4 pounds and 6.5 ounces.

This hiking tent accompanies an inward cross-section in its divider for ventilation. The cross-section in the texture of tent dividers gives a progression of natural air inside the tent and avoids the warm carbon dioxide.

It has vents in the vestibules outfitted with Velcro stiffeners, and it tends to be kept open constantly. One can likewise incompletely unfasten any of the entrances and have more wind flow when required.

The tent accompanies a capacity pocket inside. Their pouch is connected to a divider inside the tent. It’s precious in putting away little essential pinion wheels inside.

This pocket is likewise valuable in staying away from the lattice of pinion wheels on the tent floor and being stomped on. This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and camping tent is a three-season tent.

It’s an excellent choice for summer, fall, and spring. Though it can handle the moderate cold, it’s not made for extreme winters. The tent can keep a temperature of around 0 to 1 degree. You need to use comfortable garments and seal the vents appropriately.

Be that as it may, it’s prescribed to get a four-season hiking tent if you intend to go camping in winter. Setting up this tent is a significantly simple task. One simply needs to go through the guidance manual that accompanies this backpacking small dog tent.

However, the guidance manual suggests two individuals set up the tent; it tends to be effortlessly finished by a solitary individual. The tent accompanies aluminum posts which are to be pushed inside the tent. First, it makes the X-shape give the vault state of the tent. Then, simply attach snares and clasps to the tent, standing uninhibitedly on the ground.

When the tent’s arrangement is finished, tie the rainfly to the upper shafts of the tent. It covers the whole upper space of the tent and makes it waterproof. The vestibules should be connected to the external ports on the two sides for additional room.

It’s constantly encouraged to take a stab at collecting the tent once at home before setting up camp and journeying. Additionally, it helps discover the defect’s purposes, just as it clarifies the technique.

This tent will save your time perusing the guidance while setting the tent during set up camp. It’s proposed to keep your tent spread out if you are saving your tent for quite a while with no utilization.

If you don’t plan or think to set up camp in the not-so-distant future, it’s wiser to keep the tent spread out to save the texture. Likewise, tidy up the tent well before putting it away after usage.

  • You can easily set up this Marmot Crane Creek tent.
  • The ultralight design saves weight without compromising safety and comfort.
  • No doubt, perfectly comfortable for you and your dog.
  • A full-coverage waterproof rain fly keeps you dry.
  • This sturdy tent is an excellent backpacking tent on a budget.
  • Marmot crane creek camping tent has no gear loft.

7. Nemo Wagontop Group Camping Tent – Fantastic Dual Room Facility

At the point when extravagance and comfort are the main concerns while car camping, the Nemo Wagontop 8 ought to be your top pick. One of the most open tents in its group, guess what?

The Wagontop accompanies high roof tallness, just as a monstrous vestibule for gear stockpiling or a dog bed. NEMO Wagontop 6 is a cool-looking, gigantic tent accompanying some extravagant components. It sports an entrance and a two-room primary inside.

All-encompassing side windows and an additional wide window over the entryway cause this tent to feel extra tasteful inside. It has the most significant inside space of any choice in our setup. While this safe house has just 1 entryway, it accompanies a tremendous entrance for simple sections and exits. In addition, it’s produced using premium, excellent 300D textures.

These textures can withstand rainstorms and sharp doggy paws. The Wagontop 8 additionally has huge all-encompassing windows to empower breathability. Each tent will keep you and your puppy cool in a sweltering climate. This is an unsupported development because of its special shafts Y-molded on the two finishes. So when you place their closures into the ground grommets, the design is now self-supporting.

It turns out to be considerably more steady when you join the tent to the edge. Also, with 2 posts and no difference, the rainfly simplifies the arrangement; single-divider development utilizes taped creases and intelligent subtleties to save you the issue of a fly. Down-calculated mesh vents sit over the door and the far back divider to give excellent ventilation even in a rainstorm when the side windows should be closed for the day. If the rain is blowing, you can complete the back vent.

The vestibule ensures that the front vent doesn’t have a fold yet. However, if the breeze is that solid, you may have different issues to manage (not really with the tent). The counter side of the dividers bowing out to give more space inside the lattice windows on these dividers has a minor point up. The window folds should be shut in even the slightest rain to prevent entering the tent.

However, the window folds are within, so opening and shutting them should be possible without heading outside. Beads will have accumulated outward of the window fold and could trickle into the tent floor when they are opened following a gust.

Mesh windows on the door consider expanded ventilation while keeping bugs under control. As a solitary divider tent (without a different rain fly), the Wagontop is most appropriate for calm environments.

Here short-term temperatures don’t get adequately cold to cause a lot of buildups, and early afternoon temperatures/direct sun openness doesn’t transform the tent into a heater. This tent is likewise appropriate to face windy days because of the robust casing structure and the texture and the design of that texture.

  • The tent has a spacious interior and high ceiling height.
  • It has a massive vestibule for gear storage.
  • Individual panoramic windows for ventilation.
  • There’s plenty of vestibule space to protect your gear and accessories.
  • Simple configuration with single-walled construction and 2/3 poles.
  • This one is quite expensive side of the dog-friendly tents.
  • Has only one entrance to enter the tent.

8. MSR Habitude 4-Person Camping TentBest For Adventurous Families

MSR’s initial introduction to the universe of group camping tents, the MSR Habitude 4, is an excellent decision for the entire family — paws and tails included. With adequate room for up to 3 grown-ups and a few puppies, the Habitude is an extensive alternative at the campsite. It has a solitary monstrous entryway with a massive vestibule for gear stockpiling and a simple section.

Moreover, this asylum has a rough 68D fabric polyester floor texture that can withstand the most unruly of puppies. In case that wasn’t sufficient, it additionally accompanies a coordinated yard light and a lot of capacity pockets for improved bearableness.

The MSR Habitude 4 can be completely set up in a short time, a bit long for a 4-man tent. Two tiny and one large rubbed shafts make up the primary construction, constraining two posts to the interface on each corner.

While not excessively muddled, setting this tent up isn’t natural and accompanies a couple of head-scratchers. But the additional strength, stature, and width the shafts give are worth the extra difficulty.

When the arrangement is finished, you’ll discover numerous extraordinary elements pressed into this tent—seven sound pockets for capacity and vast loads of stature for simple changing and extending.

A tremendous little yard light to help when nature brings in the evening. Finally, the rainfly is estimated, considering the most significant inclusion yet unrivaled wind current forms under the vestibule and on the three sides of the tent.

There’s only one entryway, and it requires two distinct sides to be zipped freely; while not the apocalypse, a further progression will be passed on and open for bugs to wander in. Concerning the climate conditions, MSR utilizes a reasonably twisted, well-disposed shape — it is somewhat broad, so you should put the vestibule into the breeze.

Sound materials and quality craftsmanship went into the form of Habitude 4. The dividers, rainfly, and mesh are, on the whole, highly top-of-the-line materials, with each crease fixed and all held along with solid aluminum posts.

While not excessively basic to the tent’s solidarity, the guy lines have little aluminum lighteners that are smooth and light. Wind current is one more component of MSR nailed on the Habitude 4. While not as open as a few different tents in our setup, there is an abundant wind stream and permeability with the rainfly off.

Furthermore, with the rainfly on, two vents and a 6-inch hole around the whole rainfly with guylines to pull it away from the entire body permit the tent to take in both sweltering and chilly climate.

Likewise, the additional point helps keep the rain moving off and away from the tent.

  • A Super-strong, roomy, family-friendly standing-height tents
  • Great Height with perfectly sized vestibule
  • Durable fabrics and solid pole frames protect it from storms and rain.
  • It’s elevated ceiling & vertical sidewalls allow everyone to move freely.
  • Mesh that is strategically positioned for airflow and your privacy.
  • MSR Habitude camping tent has a single entrance.
  • It’s quite awkward to carry in a bag.

9. Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 – Offer Finest Weather Protection

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 tent is highlight-rich and prepared for your 3-season, 4-man outside experience. It sets up rapidly and offers superb ventilation for accommodation and solace. Its shafts were made under severe guidelines for hiking posts, so they’re unquestionably extreme and can twist effectively, which means they are considerably less liable to break.

Here the maker guarantees that the gathering of this tent is “without disappointment,” permitting you to set up your tent with insignificant disturbance and in a restricted measure of time. Albeit this tent is low in tallness, there’s a lot of room to sit up and offers sufficient space for two grown-ups and possibly several youngsters.

Regardless of being a four-person tent, it doesn’t offer sufficient space for four completely developed grown-ups. For long-haul use, the Lynx is another brilliant decision. Clients repeatedly report back on the life span of their tents, saying that there are not many issues with zippers, clasps, and decks even after numerous long periods of usage.

The tent holds up well to nasty climates, for specific clients detailing that the tent has minor spillage even after suffering substantial breezes and numerous creeps of hard, blowing precipitation. This four-person dog-friendly tent is made of regular polyester and takes an arch shape. It’s detached in the plan, making it simple to get and continue spontaneously, and accompanies two aluminum shafts.

Along these lines, it’s somewhat lightweight, coming in at under eight pounds altogether. This is a beautiful choice for hikers or those with little space in the vehicle. The tent is fixed with a lot of mesh in the dividers, entryways, and roof, giving excellent ventilation without you feeling cold in the evening. It has two external vestibules for putting away your shoes and different things outside.

It likewise accompanies two pockets and roof stockpiling, making it a decent alternative for campers with bunches of stuff they need to stash off the floor, similar to phones or electric lamps. Finally, the tent is extensive, offering two vestibules and two entryways. This shows remarkable climate insurance and makes a lot of additional extra room.

Every vestibule is about 12.5 square feet in size, giving a lot of space for shoes, gear, or a pet, including obviously your camping bed or even a medium-sized twofold hiking bed, in every vestibule. But, lamentably, the tent has very few interior pockets. So these vestibules are an unquestionable requirement for additional capacity.

This might not be the best option for four adults looking to camp in a single tent, but it’s phenomenal for a couple or a small family.

  • It offers easy setup capabilities and waterproof materials.
  • Well-ventilated to make it ideal for camping in any condition.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty in case it stops working.
  • Provide finest weather protection, the factory seals fly and floor seam.
  • Can’t stand up inside because less height

10. Klymit Cross Canyon 2 Person TentA Simple Setup Tent

Last but not least is the Cross Canyon 2 Person Tent which is intended to convey a comfortable inside living space with particular case stockpiling highlights. With highlights like aluminum shafts, two passage focuses, and overhead ventilation to keep you cool and the tent buildup free, this tent makes setting up camp a breeze! Simple setup and bring down implies you’re investing less energy and additional time outside!

Klymit, a pioneer in cutting-edge open-air innovation, grows its tent line with the expansion of the Cross Canyon tent series. Cross Canyon 2, Cross Canyon 3, and Cross Canyon 4 are two-man, three-man, and four-person tents.

The Cross Canyon tent series is intended to convey comfortable inside living space with uncommon capacity choices at a tremendous cost. Its series highlights not only quality materials but also offers premium aluminum posts.

Two-section entryways and double overhead ventilation keep the tent cool and buildup-free. The series includes a solitary shaft chain structure and is not difficult to set up and take down.

The entirety of the Cross Canyon tents includes Klymit’s particular tent stockpiling sack that unrolls to serve as a story mat before your tent door.

  • Plenty of storage with easy packaging facilities.
  • Klymit Cross Canyon has extra room for your dog.
  • Its multi-anchor station design protects outdoor storage from rain and wind.
  • The tent offers a variety of sleeping arrangements.
  • Short setup time will allow you to spend extra time outside.


  • Klymit Cross Canyon tent isn’t very waterproof


What Should I Do Before I Go Camping With My Dog 

Before taking a camping vacation with your dog, you must take specific measures to ensure that your dog won’t be harmed. This is what you must do:


Search For A Pet-friendly Location

If you’re planning to stay at a campground, they admit well-behaved animals. Check the guidelines before you arrive at a pet-friendly campground to see if there are any additional requirements, such as a leash less than 6 feet long.


Ensure That Your Dog Is Up-to-date On All Vaccines

You wouldn’t want to endanger your dog by contracting diseases such as heartworm disease after becoming bitten by such anopheles mosquitoes or unintentionally infecting somebody else with rabies. So make sure your dogs are up to date on their vaccinations.


Protect Yourself From Fleas And Ticks

By using a flea or tick repellent. It’s ideal for keeping your dog or puppy on a parasite preventative all year.


Groom Your Puppy

It may appear pointless to groom the dog before allowing them to enter an environment where they’re likely to become dirty. Grooming the long-haired pet, on the other hand, will keep the hair from being tangled and snagging on everything.


Your Dog Should Be Microchipped

You must microchip the dog even if you’ve never previously done so. This will help you find dogs more swiftly if they get lost after walking around than if they don’t have a microchip.


Make Sure Your Pet Is In Good Health

A sick dog will be the last thing you need on a camping trip. Before you go on any trip, make sure your dog is in good health.


[It’s essential to determine whether or not it’s a brilliant idea to accompany your dog on such a camping vacation. If your puppy is violent towards other persons or dogs or dislikes being in new places, you should generally keep them at your home.]

What to Expect When You Go Camping with Your Dog

It’s impossible to predict how your pet will behave while camping unless you bring them camping. You generally have a fair sense of how your puppy will react if you’ve already gone camping with them. You can make some conclusions predicated on their behavior at home if you’ve not already. Also, take a trial run around your backyard to understand how the dog would behave when camping. 


Arrange your tent, then invite your dog to inspect it. Even spend a bit of time inside with your pup. This will allow you to assess your dog’s behavior in a tent. It will also offer them the opportunity to begin acclimating before you go. Keep in mind that dogs are intelligent creatures having distinct personalities. Even if you’re a well-trained canine, their instincts can take over when introduced to nature.


Another thing you may do to keep them, though, is to review their training or orders. While inside the tent, you can use a recall command or order, “take it,” and even “go to sleep.” Finally, bring a doggy first aid kit to ensure you’re ready for anything. There’s no way to foresee how the wildlife seems around you might act or how your pet will react, although if you practice commands for keeping them safe.


Things You Need To Bring When Camping with Your Dog

This section explores some tips to make your tent more dog-friendly. If you bring each thing whenever you think of camping with your dog, the tent will become more comfortable for your dog for sure. 

  • A bowl and dog food
  • A container for water
  • Canine treats
  • Tether or stake
  • Towels in excess
  • First-aid kit for dogs
  • Toys that can be used outside
  • A rope for better playing
  • Brush for your dog
  • Harness for outdoor use
  • Swim-safe choke chain
  • Canine daypack
  • The bed for your dog
  • Raincoat for your dog 
  • Durable paw protectant
  • An ID tag that can be attached
  • Bags for dog waste
  • A recent photograph of your dog 
  • His medical documents and information
  • Medications prescribed by a doctor, if possible
  • Few outdoor-safe toy items


Things To Look For Before Buying The Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

It’s time to look over some points of view before buying the best tents for a campaign with your dog/puppy. Let’s start with tent size! 


Many people prioritize weight as the most crucial consideration when looking for a tent. But, first, you must decide how much weight you’re willing to carry on your trip.

 Accessible Doors

If anybody needed to leave at midnight, they would have to climb over you or your wrangle backpacks, bikes, and trailers. So, choose a tent with two doors along either side for convenient access, including both individuals.

 Tent Sizes

When shopping for a dog tent, please note that you’ll need it not only for yourself but also for your puppy. So consider how many members will be using the tent and the size of your dog.


Seasonality is yet another aspect to consider while purchasing a dog tent! The tent you choose should be able to work well in the weather conditions you plan to camp in.


Taking a puppy camping tent with each door is among the worst camping missteps you’ll ever generate. 

 Consider this: if you compact several of your camper necessities in the tent, bring your dog and an individual(s) you might even be setting up camp with. Then, it’ll be completely chaotic when one of you needs to get in and out somehow.


Unless you intend to go outdoor activities only once and discard your tent, you may not have to stress about this! However, if you plan just to go camping with the puppy regularly, we recommend bringing a dog camping tent lasting longer. 

 After all, purchasing a durable tent will save you more money than buying the cheapest ones all the time when you like to go camping.


You’ll need to have more storage capacity when camping with your dog because you’ll be carrying nothing but your camping necessities and those of your puppy. 

 This implies that tents with a larger vestibule area and additional inside compartments will be preferable to those without.


When selecting tents for camping with dogs, one of the most important things to consider is ventilation. 

Because the dog will be sleeping in the same tent as you, the tent must be generally equipped to allow for excellent airflow and stay the tent fresh! Nobody wants to sleep in a stuffy tent.

 The Number Of Tent Cords

While camping with the dog, choose a dog camping tent with fewer cords because it is not only easier to install. But your puppy is far less likely to trip over the tent/camp cords, whether they are few. 

So, when it comes to tent cords, simple is best!

 Safety Tips To Follow While Camping With Your Dog

You must know the safety tips make a wholesome and safe camping journey with your dog, don’t you think? Well, read the below guidelines if you feel so.

 Make A Plan In Advance

However, a spontaneous camping vacation with your furry best friend may sound ideal; preparing ahead is the best method to ensure a safe and pleasurable camping experience for both you and your dog. Preparing ahead of time entails:

  • Inquiring well about the pet policy and guidelines with the campgrounds.
  • Bring your dog to a vet and make an appointment for a check-up.
  • Getting a campground reservation as soon as possible, especially during busy travel times.
  • Make a travel plan that provides plenty of opportunities for the dog to relieve himself.
  • Prepare your pet for interpersonal interactions, especially, if necessary, house training.
  • Purchasing high-quality equipment, such as adequately sized leashes and collars.

 Don’t Forget The Toys.

Don’t expect your dog to be stimulated enough just by being outside. However, your dog will surely enjoy running about and playing outside. 

Remember that perhaps the weather is unpredictable fast, and your dog may become bored. So bring a few outdoor-safe toy items, such as tennis balls, plushies, and rope chews.

 Upgrade Your Equipment

To upgrade your present gear is most helpful camping with dog tips. Of course, a regular leash and harness will do for your journey. But you may help your puppy have more pleasure by making a few enhancements. 

 There are many dog leashes designed expressly for swimming. They have pro clips and float in water, making them simpler to grasp. Reflector harnesses can help you while others see the dog more quickly in the darkness.

 Extra Hydration Is Required

Even if you aren’t doing anything strenuous, being outside and in strange surroundings means your dog needs more water. Of course, the amount of water the dog requires depends on their weight, activities, and the weather. 

 It takes an ounce of water for every pound of their body weight to keep an adult dog hydrated. Put your dog hydrated with a foldable water dish and a sizeable outdoor-safe container at the campground. Keep an eye on the container and clean out any dirt or debris. Set this up in a shady spot to hold the water cold.

 Take A Photograph Of Your Dog

Most pet parents have multiple albums covered in dog photos. But bring one photo before the camping trip if your pet gets lost and you need assistance finding them. Ensure the picture is clear enough and that it was captured in natural daylight if possible. Make a point of photographing any distinguishing traits, such as distinct spots and marks. 

 Also, make a copy of this picture and carry it with you when camping.

 Some Quick Recaps Of Safety Tips:

  • Well researched for dog-friendly campsites
  • Inquiring well about the pet policy and guidelines with the campgrounds.
  • Bring your dog to a vet and make an appointment for a check-up.
  • Getting a campground reservation as soon as possible, especially during busy travel times.
  • Make a travel plan that provides plenty of opportunities for the dog to relieve himself.
  • Prepare your pet for interpersonal interactions, especially, if necessary, house training.
  • Purchasing high-quality equipment, such as adequately sized leashes and collars.
  • Getting too hot can be avoided by putting your dog inside a cool, dry place during the hottest time of each day  
  • Keep an eye on their attitude while out walking or playing.
  • I have always had cold water on hand.
  • Upgrade Your Equipment before planning for the campaign with your dog.

 Expert’s Camping with Dog Tips For Beginners

Here’re some bullet-pointed campaign tips for you if you’re a beginner. Have a look at it;

  • Keep your dog supervised at all times.
  • To avoid disturbing your camping neighbors, keep your dog on a leash.
  • Remove your dog’s waste. Such poop pick-up pouches are ideal for this purpose.
  • It isn’t just a matter of finding dog-friendly tents but also having to locate a dog-friendly campground.
  • Always keep a photo of your dog in your bag.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are dogs OK intent?

Dogs are well-known friendly pets to adapt to any new environment as soon as possible, and adapting to a sleeping environment intent becomes a cakewalk for them. They can sleep outside or with you as they feel fit. 

 Can you leave a dog in a tent when camping?

Yes, you can. If you see the campground is friendly, your dog can protect himself, and the weather is cool, you can leave your dog in a tent. 

 Can a dog overheat in a tent?

Dogs are furry creatures, and overheating is a real deal for them. As they can quickly overheat in the tent, you can follow specific ways to make your tent more dog friendly and the surroundings. 

 Can a cot be accommodated in the Coleman Carlsbad tent?

The 4 user tent can fit two cots but reaches the tent for both on endpoints due to all the Coleman tent’s tapering. So the dimensions have been taken there at the floor area of the tent.

 While you’re sleeping on that cot, the equipment storage backpacks will hang on your upper edge, making you feel uncomfortable at times. We highly suggest the 6 users size to accommodate two cots conveniently.

 Is there a rainfly in the Nemo Wagontop Group Camping tent?

Yes, it comes with a built-in rainfly that can be scaled back when not used to protect the screened-in veranda area. There is only one wall inside the sleeping area. Whenever the rain fly section of that kind of tent is still in use, this also generates a vestibule for sneakers or extra equipment even before staked out properly.

Final Verdict

You’ve already seen the best options for you and your furry companion; you indeed have a favorite or two. But, if you’re a beginner at camping, the first option is the best choice for you! 


But we’re suggesting you try Elevate LLC CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tentwhich is perfect for a family trip. So you can enjoy your vacation time not only with your furry but also with your loving family at the same time.


Although, we’re sure you have all of these figured out, and you already know which tent is the best for you. You are a visionary, after all. 

Dr. Louise Cosgrove

Dr. Louise Cosgrove

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