How to Clip dog nails when the dog is scared of (Complete guide)


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Do you also face difficulty while trimming your dog’s nails? Is your dog scared of nail trimming or nail trimming tools?

In this article, we will come up with some solutions, on how to make your dog comfortable during the trimming session of her nails.

Most dogs get scared during their nail trimming. Some dogs get scared by the sound that a nail trimmer makes. For making your dog comfortable during nail trimming there are a few training steps.

You just have to train your dog to remain calm during the trimming session or by giving her the trimmers sound again and again so she gets used to it and doesn’t get scared when coming close to the trimmer.

How to Clip Dog nails if the dog is scared of

Your dog is scared of nail cutting. Follow the following steps so that the fear of nail cutting gets out of your dog’s mind. In this way, your dog becomes comfortable and offers her paws to cut the nails from now own-wards.

Early training: it is recommended to train your dog earlier for nail trimmings because once the fear develops it becomes difficult to remove that fear from the dog’s mind.

During the inertial stages when she is growing into an adult try to put pressure on her paws and makes use of the sound of the trimmers. This practice will make her comfortable with nail trimmers and nail trimming become an easy thing for you.

Training old dog: although teaching a pup is comparably an easy thing to do than teaching an old dog a new thing.

But nothing to worry about, it may take a long time to make your old dog comfortable while nail trimming sessions but you can do it for sure.

Nail trimmers and your dog: some dogs are afraid of the nail clippers or afraid of the sound that nail clippers made, pick the clippers up in the presence of your dog marking her attention towards the clippers.

While keeping the clippers make a happy sound so that your dog will understand that this is the thing she has not to be scared of. Make sounds of the clippers so she’ll get aware of the sounds of the clippers.

When your dog gets excited once she sees the clippers you are ready to move to the next step.

Paw handling: when your dog is sitting relaxed, slightly touch her shoulder and way down towards her paw. If the dog doesn’t feel awkward touch her toes and put a little pressure on each of them. If the dog pulls the paw back then don’t force the practice on her.

Try to do the same thing when the dog gets relaxed. Do it several times until she gets comfortable with it.

Paw handling with the clipper: the goal of this step is to tolerate the nail clipper’s touch. Gently hold the paw of your dog from your hand and hold the clippers in the other hand. Press the toes gently one by one and make clippers sound.

If the dog remains calm after this you are good to go. You can also supply treats to your dog during this whole procedure.

Now carefully bring the clippers to close the dog’s paws if everything goes well touch the clippers to the toes one by one. During this If the dog pulls the paw back then give her time to relax and don’t rush to her. Continue the practice once she’ll gets relaxed.

Nail trimming: Now we are on the main step of our course is nail trimmings.

Once your dog gets relaxed with the trimmers touch, she can now tackle the actual nail trim. Grasp the paw very gently and cut the very tip of the nail without going deep. You can supply treats to your dog in this step to appreciate her.

It is better to divide the trimming sessions into little increments so that the dog gets mentally relaxed and doesn’t feel any burden or anxiety during this difficult session.

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Can I sedate my dog to cut her nails?

Sedating your dog before nail trimming is not ethically good. But medically you can do it. There is no restriction while doing so. If your dog doesn’t like nail trimmings and you don’t want to hire a vet then sedating your dog is an option while cutting her nails. Sedation makes her slow so that she is unable to react as much as she does in normal conditions during the trimming of her nails.

What is the best tool for clipping the dog’s nails?

Following are some leading clippers for the trimming of dog nails.

1.Millers Forge pet nail clippers
2.Resco original deluxe dog nail clippers
3.Andis pet nail clippers
4.JW pet grip soft deluxe pet nail clippers

What kind of nail clippers do dog groomers use?

Guillotine slippers are the most known clippers that are widely used by dog groomers. These clippers are best for all kinds of dogs that small, medium, and large. They are most preferred due to the efficiency and sharpness of their blades.

Our dog nail grinders are better than clippers?

Nail grinders are better than nail clippers in safety terms but when comes to efficiency nail clippers are more efficient than grinders.

Through nail grinders, there is less risk for safety and dogs are not afraid of the grinder as they are of the clippers.


Now it’s high time to end this discussion here by giving it a brief conclusion.

It’s a common thing if your dog is scared of nail clippers. Dogs are afraid of its sound and the sensation it creates while cutting the nail.

You can train your dog in a way that she becomes comfortable with it, every time she came in contact with the nail clippers she doesn’t have to get afraid of it.

Once your dog becomes familiar with the comfortable nail-trimming procedure you may find it easy to cut the nails.

Hopefully, this will be a helpful article for if it is, let us know in the comment section below.

Also, let us know about your other queries related to dogs.

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