How to Put on a Dog Harness ( Easy Steps)

How to put on a dog harness

Some dog owners prefer the harness instead of the collar because harnesses are more comfortable for the dogs and easy to pull for the owners. However, putting on a tackle is sometimes a tricky thing to do. Here is a complete guide on how to put on a dog harness.

Once you get the tactic, it becomes easy to put the harness on your dog.

Types of harnesses:

The harnesses are of 2 types

  1. Step in harness
  2. Overhead harness

How to put on a dog harness

A step-in harness is relatively easy to wear by the dog. Follow the following steps to put on your dog the step-in harness.

  • Placing harness on the ground; In the first step, put the unbuckled harness in the environment in an upside-down position facing the outer side of the floor. Your saddle should have two leg loops separated by a strap while placed on the ground on a broader view.

Sometimes these step-in harnesses also included the chest cover. This chest cover is the middle strap that gets wider for covering the whole chest.

  • Commanding the dog to sit; Now, control your dog to sit and stay behind the harness. If your dog doesn’t understand the commands, you may need a partner to hold your dog while putting the tackles on.
  • Placing the dog into the harness; Now, you are all prepared. It’s time to put your dog into the harness.

First, put a right paw into the loop and then the left paw into the other circle. Keep noticed that you are putting the right paws into the suitable loops. In some harnesses, it is mentioned which loop is made for which paw. Like left and right are mentioned.

If you haven’t mentioned it, do that with your instincts properly.

  • Pulling the harness up; Once your dog has put his legs into the loops, it is time to pull the reins up. The circles will adjust at the top of the dog’s legs against his stomach.

Now tug the two sides around the dog’s back. The harness should fit appropriately around the dog’s belly and shoulder.

  • Closing the clips; Join two sides of the clips by bringing them closer and fitting them into one another.

Some harnesses may have more than one clip. So make sure that all the clips are correctly closed.

  • Adjusting the size; The harnesses have adjusters on each loop so you can adjust according to the size of your dog. You can make the saddle tight and loose according to your wish.

For a proper fit, check that the dog doesn’t slip out of the harness, check while walking wearing a harness. The dog moves quickly without a stumble.

Putting on overhead harness:

Overhead harness is a little challenging to put on your dog. This may need a partner some time to put the harness on.

Follow the following steps to put on the overhead harness for your dog.

  • Commanding the dog to sit; First, before putting on the harness control your dog to sit calmly.
  • Putting the neck hole into the neck; Once your dog sits calmly on your comment. Check for the neck hole in the harness and put it into the dog’s neck by sliding it over to its head.

Try to slide the neck hole on the shoulder side of the lower neck.

  • Putting the paws into the loops; Putting paws in the loop is quite different from what we use in the step-in harness. You have to put the paws into the loops by keeping them in your hand and putting them in the loops.
  • Adjusting the loops and the straps; Now, change the sloops properly on the doglegs. These loops are attached to a belt that will go on the backside of the dog’s stomach touching his belly. Adjust this strap, too, so that the dog feels comfortable in the harness.
  • Closing the buckles; Now look for the harness’s fasteners and make them complete correctly. Ensure that the hooks are closed securely. Any negligence in this step can cause your jog injured during his walk.
  • Adjusting the size; Like the step-in harness, it also comes with some adjusters. The adjuster may be for the neck, legs, and stomach. Adjust them according to the fitting of your dog.

Your dog has put the harness on. Now you have to attach the leash, and your dog is ready to go on a walk with you or with his walker.

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Can I leave my dog with the harness on all day?

Generally, it is ok to keep your dog with a harness all day. But try to remove it periodically so that his skin gets some fresh air, he gets relaxed, and if his hair is long, then pay special attention that they don’t get entangled in the harness.

Should I walk my dog with a collar or harness?

Both harness and collar have their significance.

The collar is better for all-day use. But if your dog pulls himself so much during the walk, then the risk of neck injury increases with the collar.

A harness is comfortable while walking, and it has better fitting too. But if your dog has long hair, it may get entangled in the harness.

Why do dogs don’t want to put their harness on?

Some dogs want to stay home all the time. However, putting on a harness indicates that they are going out for some walk. That’s why the dog resists putting the harness on.

If you want to measure a dog for a harness, read this guide.


Let’s conclude the discussion briefly.

Putting on the harness is a straightforward thing to do if you know the tactics. First, you must maintain your dog’s calm while putting on the harness. You can do it by treating them with treats after every step.

The crucial step in putting on the harness is closing the buckles. Any negligence in this step can lead you to more extensive damages.

Ensure that buckles are adequately closed before leaving the house.

Thank you for reading. If you like the article, let us know in the comment section below.

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