How to Grind Dog Nails (3 Easy Steps)


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You are upset about your dog’s overgrown nails. Our furry buddies move around all day, so their nails are worn out; that’s why nail grinding is most important for their healthy grooming. Grinding nails is not required as often as dog bathing etc.

It is a simple DIY task that anyone can easily do at home. You don’t need an expert for grinding nails; you need to follow simple instructions.

Verities of nail grinders are available in the market. Some are cordless and battery-oriented, and others have power cords. These grinders have a sharp grinding edge that is used for shaping and shortening dog nails. So it does not need any professional expertise; all you want to know is some technique for the dogs’ safety.

Here we will discuss how to cut and grind dog nails properly. So, their nails don’t cause pain to your hounds and let them live a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s straight dive into the steps to grind your canine nails without pain.

How to Grind Dog Nails

Steps to Trim the Dog Nails by Grinder

Steps to Trim the Dog Nails by Grinder

1. Choose the Dog nails grinder: First of all, choose a hero for your dog. Different varieties of grinders are available in the market. Next, choose a dog nail grinder that makes less noise and is easy to operate.

Many pet owners love and use cordless dog nail grinders as they are easy to operate and effective in smoothing and trimming dogs’ nails.

2. Get ready for Grinding: Now, the next step is to prepare your dog to cut his nails safely. For this, you have to keep in mind a few things. Before grinding nails make sure to calm down your dog to securely trim his nails. Play with your canine and let him associate with the device, and reward him with treats.

3. Trim your Dog Nails: Once your dog is comfortable with the grinder, it doesn’t bother its noise. Hold its paw forward for the dog’s safety once it makes it comfortable. Next, start grinding your dog nails from the nail tip in a rotating motion.

If the dog wrestles, then stop proceeding and calm him. Frequently repeat this process, and you will get trimmed dog nails. Next, grind the dog nail surface in a circular motion. It will turn the dog nail’s surface shiny and smooth. Once you are done with biting one Nail reward them with treats. Grind your dog nails in three to four sittings if you are a beginner.

Note: Every dog has a quick region. Do not grind deeper as you may reach the last part. This is because the immediate area has a blood vessel, and the Nail may bleed if grind deeper. So, always go slowly with the grinding process, and when reaching the dark pink spot, you are near the quick region, so pause. Otherwise, you may harm your dog.

Also, always keep corn starch near to you during grinding, as in case you spoil your dog and start bleeding, you can apply it immediately. So, grind your dog’s nails securely as if it hurts your dog. He will get frightened the next time.

Nail Clipping Vs. Nail Grinding

Nail Clipping Vs. Nail Grinding

Nail clipping is done by tools that come in both clipper and scissor types. The Clipper type comes in a round shape and trims the Nail quickly at once. But it will not prove good if your furry buddy has hard claws and might cause pain to your dog.

In the scissor-type, you can also trim your pooch nails effectively with hard claws. But make sure to use small scissors compared to giant scissors if you are a beginner.

The only benefit of nail clipping is that you don’t need to get ready for the procedure; you can trim your dog’s nails in one sitting.

On the other hand, you have to set a procedure and associate your dog with the grinding device in nail grindings. But many pet owners think that grinding nails is more effective and comfortable. So all you have to do is calm your dog and make him comfortable with the grinding device.

If we differentiate between nail clippings and nail grindings according to their pros and cons, we will find Nail grinding more feasible and appropriate for our pooches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the rotating speed of the grinding nails?

Make sure to work with slow rotating speeds. High rotating rates can warm the dog’s nails and harm the dog. And is recommended to approach the grinder near the dog’s nails and don’t grind for more than 4 seconds; otherwise, it may hurt your dog. And your pooch will associate dog chewing with pain.

How often should we trim dog nails?

It solely depends upon your dog’s activities. If your hound spends a lot of time on rocks, concrete, or hard surfaces, trimming is often not required. It will tear out naturally. But if they are used to playing around with carpets and grass, they should be trimmed frequently. They can be overgrown and cause pain to your furry companion. When you observe your dog’s nails’ touch the flour and hear the click-clack voice grab your pooch and trim his nails.

Final Verdict

So, regular nail trimming is more important than anything else for your pooches. Otherwise, they may cause pain and problem to your pooches. All you need is a grinding device. Follow the instructions above and get your dog happy and healthy with trimmed nails. Keep in mind the quick region and reward them often with treats to calm them during the procedure. And your pup will enjoy having adorned and shiny dog nails.

Once you have learned the easy steps, you will never appoint a veteran next time to grind your dog nails. You will enjoy doing it with your pooch. If you find our article helpful, let us know in the comment section below. It will be highly appreciated.

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