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Are you fed up with the complaints that you got from your neighbors that your dog has again jumped the fence? No worries. Here we came to let you know, how to keep the dog away from jumping the fence.

Dog jumping the fence out is a common phenomenon that happens in every dog owner’s life. It becomes frustrating when after even training dog continues to jump and even after installing heavy fences your dog can’t get rid of this bad habit.

How to keep the dog from jumping the fence (4 Easy Methods)

Methods to keep the dog from jumping the fence

Following are some methods you can adopt to stop your dog from jumping the fence.

  • Use double fence; the dogs are naturally good jumpers. Sometimes the fence you have installed is not very high. The dogs can easily jump over them. A little higher fence can also be jumpable by the active dogs. They jump over the fence by establishing momentum through running.

It is advisable if your dog is jumping over and over again then, installed a second fence on the already placed fence. This will make your dog unable to jump over the fence.

  • Plant trees; planting some trees and bushes in your fence can also be another method to stop your dog from jumping. These trees and bushes will be harder obstacles to jump by the dogs.

The thing that noticeable here is, the plants need time for their growth. The animal may damage them even before they start growing. Will do so continuously and never allow them to grow.

  • Hind legs harness; it is also called the jump harness. It’s an innovation in the market. This will harness the hind legs, so that, the animal will become unable to jump completely. This is not the ethical method to stop the dog from jumping. But it is one of the methods for the temporary stop.
  • Use of L-footer; use of L-footer is the most effective way to stop the dog from jumping the fence.

Installed the L-footer in a position that its needled end is on the upside, the other is facing the yard. Create an L shape on a whole.

The dog when sees the pointed ends of the footer he will never dare to jump over them.

Why the dog chooses to escape

One of the following may be the reason due to which your dog wants to escape from your yard.

  • Seeing fun activities outside; The dog chooses to escape from the yard by jumping over the fence when he noticed some fun activities are going on, on the other side of the fence.

For this, you can block the outside view of the dog so he doesn’t get excited by seeing outside.

  • The dog gets bored; Sometimes the dog gets bored in the yard. And decided to move outside by jumping over the fence. This can happen when the dog doesn’t have any playful activity in the yard and he gets bored of just wandering here and there in the yard.

For avoiding this, make your yard a more fun place to sit. Surround the dog with certain toys so he doesn’t get bored, play with your dog.

  • May find it interesting; The dog may find jumping over the fence an interesting activity to do. In you your play yard there may be something that has helped the dog once to jump over the fence. Now he enjoyed it and going to do it again and again.

Look for the thing that your dog finds helpful during the jump. Remove that thing from the yard so the dog remains unable to jump from now onwards.

A complete guide about how to stop your dog from digging under a fence is here.

Can we train a dog not to jump over the fence?

Is there anything that training can’t do? The answer is NO.
You can definitely train your dog no to jump over the fence. The simplest method to do so is to train your dog not to go close to the fence. Call them every time they get close to the fence and treat them with some treats. And continue the practice until the dog stops going close to the fence.

Is 4 foot tall fence is enough for dogs?

The fence height is all dependent on the dog’s size and breed.
A 4 foot tall is not big enough for the husky. They can easily cross that fence. Also, this foot tall fence is only suitable for smaller dogs.

How can I make an inexpensive dog fence?

An inexpensive dog fence starts with an inexpensive material like PVC. Use PVC deer block netting for making dog fences. This remains the most affordable and effective fence of all time for dogs.

How much does putting up a fence costs?

The cost is dependent on the yard area and the type of fence that you are installing. In general, installing a single fence can cost in a range of 1600$ to 400$ considering all the conditions like the material, yard area, and installation charges, etc.

Which is cheaper to build a wall or to put a fence?

In comparison to building, a wall is really expensive than installing a fence. Fence installation now becomes easy with the increase in fence technology. As you can install a fence of even PVC now, which is the least expensive and effective fence to have.

Read reviews of the latest wireless dog fence in the market.


Let’s give the above discussion a brief conclusion here.

You can stop a dog from jumping over the fence by using different methods like the use of an L-footer, use of a harness, planting trees, and increasing the fence height.

One thing to note here is that; try to make your yard not a willingly escaped place. Make your dog so busy in his activities that he never popped up with a thought that he should go outside the yard.

If this happens nothing to worry you can easily train your dog not to repeat the thing.

Thank you for reading. If you like the article let us know in the comment section below.

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