How to stop a dog from digging under a fence (4 Methods)


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You are also annoyed by your dog’s bad habit of digging under the fence? Need some solutions for the problem? Here you go. We will provide you a complete guide about how to stop a dog from digging under a fence.

Keep reading the article. In this article, you will get the solution to your problem. Here we discuss the reasons why your dog starts digging and what are the reasonable solutions to make your dog not dig under a fence or anywhere else in the yard.

Apparently, it seems like the dog is digging in the yard and making wholes there just to annoy you. But this is not the actual reason. You have to understand the psychology of the animal behind this awful act so that you can make him quiet that. More likely the pet is doing this to enchant entertainment, attention, escape, protection, or hunting prey.

How to stop a dog from digging under a fence

Reasons behind digging and their solution

The dog psychology readers say that the dog doesn’t dig without any purpose. If your dog does, so there may be one of the following reasons he is facing.

  1. The dog is feeling hot; in the summer season, dog digging is more common. This happens because in summer when your dog feels hot, he starts to dig to get a little wet and a colder patch to sit. Dogs actually don’t sweat like humans so they use other alternative ways to dissipate their heat from the body.


You can have the following solution to this problem to avoid digging.

  • Assign a place in your yard with a shade for the dog. So that whenever he feels hot he can sit under the shade to get rid of the body heat.
  • Bought a cooling mat for your dog and place it in the garden. A cooling mat is a thin sheet of mat which is filled with a gel. When the animal sits on the mat the gel absorbs the body heat and the dog feels cool and relaxed.
  1. The dog needs entertainment; sometimes during your busy days, the dog may get bored due to your absence. There is no one to play with him. Another reason can be that, your dog may belong to an active breed that needs to have plenty of exercises daily. For some of these reasons, the dog starts to dig to make himself busy.


The solutions to this problem are.

  • Try to give your pet, plenty of attention.
  • Whenever you get time try to spend them with your dog.
  • Before your busy day take your dog on a nice soothing walk.
  • Buy him some interesting toys, with them he can play when feeling lonely.
  1. Hunting preys: hunting for the preys is the favorite job of the dogs. If your dog once gets the addiction of catching the little animals then there is no way to take him back. For hunting purposes, the dog makes digging, his habit.


Solutions to this problem are not really effective but you must have to try them once.

  • Train your dog not to go behind the little animals, like lizards and rats, etc.
  • Keep them surrounded with the toys so that their mind gets distractions.
  1. Escape; Your dog may want to escape that’s why he digs under the fence so that he can move out from the space.


Few solutions to this problem are.

  • Take your dog out whenever possible for you. Don’t make her a home prisoner.
  • Switch to the invisible fencing system.

Repelling techniques

Some of the repelling techniques that you can use to avoid digging are.

  • Partially burry rocks especially the Flat ones on your dog’s favorite spot.
  • The dogs are very repellent to the vinegar and the citrus peel. Not of them directly but of their smell. Sprinkle some citrus peel on the ground where your dog usually digs. This will make him no to go to that area of the yard.
  • If you have installed a sprinkler system in your yard then, motion detector settings can be very useful. This will direct the flow of the water on your dog whenever he starts digging in the ground

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What can I put on the bottom of my fence to keep my dog in?

To keep your dog in, you can have to use the following DIYs.
1.Sprinkle vinegar on the edges of your yard’s boundaries. The dogs are naturally repellent of the vinegar’s smell so, will avoid going there where they smell the vinegar. 2.Try to put plastic wire or a hardware cloth along with the base of your fence. This will keep your dog in.

How do I block the bottom of the fence?

The simplest way to block the bottom space under the fence is to build a wall of stones and boulders under the area of your fence which is opened. Keep in mind the wall will be hard enough that it not get disrupted by a dog’s push.

What animals can dig under my fence?

The animals like. Dogs, Raccoon, Skunk, Possum

All these animals can dig under your fence so that, they enter into your yard by making space.

A great guide about how to keep dogs away from jumping the fence.


Here you can have a brief conclusion of the above discussion.

Digging under a fence by your dog is not a natural behavior in the animal. It is not wrong to say that it is actually induced. Try to keep your dog indulged in some activities so that he did not make digging his option to pass time.

If your dog, unfortunately, has started digging in your yard then it easy to make them quit this habit. Try some easy DIYs like the use of vinegar, citrus peel, and plastic wire, and motion sprinklers. For sure after some training sessions, your dog will get rid of this bad habit of digging.

Thank you for giving us your time and reading this article. Hopefully, this article will remain helpful in your daily life with your dogs. If do so, let us know in the comment section below.

Also, let us know the other dog-related queries you have.

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