How to Trim Dog Nails with Dremel (6 Easy Steps)


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If you have a pet in your home, you can relate to us. Pets are like family, and they need as much care as we do for our babies. Pets are like children to their masters.

Their maintenance is essential for their hygiene and proper health. Here we will give you a complete guide on how to trim dog nails with Dremel.

Most dogs are afraid of the nail clippers and the nail clippers’ sounds while cutting nails. Also, it’s challenging to handle a pet during nail cutting.

So, taking an alternative, Dremel can be used to trim your dog’s nails. For using Dremel, you have to introduce your dog to the Dremel and its sensation when it touches the dog’s nail.

What is a Dremel?

A Dremel is an advanced tool used to cut, polish, and sand the nails of dogs. Dremels have variant ranges in speed, but a slow pace is recommended for grinding the dog’s nails.

How to Trim Dog Nails With Dremel

How to Trim Dog Nails With the Dremel

Trimming your dog’s nails is one of the crucial things to do. However, minor negligence during the trimming can give your dog a severe and painful injury.

To make the nail trimming precise using the Dremel, you must follow the following steps in the respective Oder.

1. Introduce the Dremel and its sound to your dog; start the Dremel training as soon as you take it home. When your puppy is young, start introducing her to the Dremel sound. It is OK if you find it too early to cut the nails of the puppy at this stage.

Don’t cut it but make the training continue. This will realize your dog that this is a normal process and will happen soon.

2. Make your dog calm; before the nail trimming, calm your dog by holding her paws and giving her treats. Do this practice several times until the dog gets used to it. If the dog pulls her paw back, don’t force the course on her. Instead, take a short break in the session until the dog relaxes again.

Once the dog gets comfortable touching her paws turn on the Dremel and hold the paws. Make your dog calm and give her a soothing feel with your nice words and some tasty treats.

Some natural specific calming products are

  • Calm up
  • Small dogs place
  • Calming bites
  • PETIPET calming bars

3. Sniffing the Dremel; let the dog sniff the Dremel. Dogs have the sharpest smell sensation. They can sense most of their surroundings through their nose.

Let her sniff the end so she can be aware of the trimming procedure and the holding so she can detect your scent in the tool.

It is to note that it doesn’t allow sniffing while the Machine is running. Make this happens only when the Dremel is switched off.

4. Bring your dog to a peaceful space before dremeling; it’s as essential to Dremel the nails in a comfortable condition. Make your dog comfortable first by taking her to her favorite place. This will give her a mental relaxant aptitude.

It is recommended that nail trimming is also a grooming process, so take your dog to the place where you do the other grooming processes.

Now slowly head towards the trimming procedure step by step by touching the paws and own-wards

5. Holding the paws during dremeling; perfectly holding your dog’s paws is essential. If you don’t get the perfect pick, you might unintentionally hurt your dog before using the Dremel.

First, hold the paw so that your thumb is beneath the paw and your fingers are on the upper side. Then, in this stance, hold the paw firmly and gently simultaneously.

If the dog pulls the paws back, don’t allow her to do so every time. Only takes a break when your dog gets anxious.

6. Use the Dremel; trimming nails with the Dremel is not difficult when your dog is already aware of the tool. However, it is to note that start with the slowest speed range and don’t extend the dremeling period from 4-5 seconds in a single name and then jump to the other nail.

If your dog doesn’t get scared at first, you can gradually increase the Dremel’s speed.

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Can we use a regular Dremel to Dremel the dog’s nails?

Yes, a regular Dremel and do OK while trimming the dog’s nails. However, you have to be careful while adjusting the speed and time you are holding on to one nail.

It is recommended to use the dremels only by professional dog groomers to avoid any problematic injury and painful practice during the procedure when done by an average person.

Which Dremel attachment is used for trimming dog nails?

The Dremel attachment that is used is called the pet grooming nail guard. This attachment will allow you to quickly and easily trim your dog’s nails without behind uncomfortable.

Does Dremel hurt dogs?

Dreaming does OK while trimming your dog’s nails, and doesn’t hurt the dog if appropriately handled. However, sometimes dogs get afraid of Dremel’s sound and the sensation that Dremel creates. It feels like something is running against your nails.

If your dog is aware of the tool, then dremeling is not difficult for you to apply to your dog. If not, your dog just needs a little practice to come in comfortable with the tool.


It is time to give the above discussion a brief conclusion.

Dreaming about your dog is not a difficult thing to do. However, if you train your dog from scratch, your dog becomes familiar with the procedure and doesn’t make a mess during the trimming sessions.

You have to be careful while using the Dremel on your dog. Must be precise with your time and the speed your Dremel

Hopefully, this article will bring ease to your life. Then let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you for giving your time to our article.

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